Single Touch Loyalty: Self-Service Innovation to Drive your Loyalty Program

By: Brittany Maroney


Integrated Loyalty and Engagement is at Your Fingertips with Punchh and Grubbrr

While American’s might not be quite ready for robots behind the counter, that doesn’t mean that technology isn’t already making its way into our everyday dining experiences. That’s even more true as operators search for answers on managing staffing shortages, product recalls, streamlining workflows across new channels such as curbside and takeout, as well as trying to build up their loyalty channels.

What’s more, is that there has been a rise in demand from customers for more solutions that offer contactless payment, ordering, and offer management. 

Based on a recent study by Visa:

  • 63% of consumers said they would switch to a business that uses contactless payment options.
  • 43% would not shop at stores requiring contact with a cashier.
  • 46% said contactless payment is among the most important safety measure.
  • 67% of retailers now accept some type of contactless payment.
  • 71% of consumers are frustrated when the shopping experience is not personal, while 75% said they would buy more when loyalty programs are available.
  • 62% of consumers prefer to buy in-store with digital content, while only 16% of consumers who changed buying habits during COVID will revert to those practices.

It’s a challenge facing more and more brands, but many are finding the solution in smart kiosk technology. Self-ordering devices reduce the need for additional labor and improve the customer experience by streamlining the ordering process and integrating loyalty solutions. 

And now more brands than ever before can join the kiosk loyalty revolution with the groundbreaking partnership between industry-renowned kiosk operator, Grubbr and world-class loyalty and offers platform, Punchh. 

The Punchh and GRUBBRR integration allow marketers to increase average ticket totals, reduce operating expenses, and improve the overall loyalty experience. Brands can strengthen their loyalty program and engage customers via cutting-edge technology like in-house ordering kiosks and menu boards or just off their mobile apps, online ordering platform, or via food lockers designed specifically for pickup solutions. 

In fact, the Punchh and Grubbrr partnership can help operators: 


    • Cut labor costs, increase revenue and streamline workflow while utilizing loyalty data in real-time, across multiple touchpoints.

    • Prompt users to sign-up via an app, online ordering, or at the kiosk to drive new loyalty customers or interact with existing fans during the ordering process. 

    • Improve the customer experience by allowing for personalization, privacy, and accuracy while ordering.

This integrated solution takes customers through the ordering and payment process, prompting them to sign-up for a brand’s loyalty program or by highlighting their existing rewards or offers. Engaging your guests at the point of order entry helps provide a seamless and integrated experience, while improving your customer acquisition rates and retaining current loyalty followers. 

Truth be told, concepts need all the help they can get to maximize profit and keep guest satisfaction high, especially given the current labor shortage. Loyalty programs can accomplish this. With Punchh and GRUBBRR, you are creating an ecosystem where guests are rewarded at the point of order entry, can enjoy an improved dining experience and become lifetime, loyalty customers. 

To learn more about smart kiosk technology and how it can help drive your loyalty retention and acquisition, contact your Punchh customer service representative, or you can contact us for more reasons why brands of all sizes trust the Punchh Loyalty, Offers & Engagement Platform.

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