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Loyalty Rewards Guests Can’t Get Enough Of

Punchh is your restaurant’s all-in-one loyalty solution, complete with deliciously personalized experiences that keep guests coming back week after week.

Bland Food Doesn’t Cut It
Bland Promotions Don’t Either

Customers are tired of generic restaurant offers. Add some flavor to your loyalty program with rewards perfectly crafted for each guest’s palate.

Punchh Loyalty
Punchh Loyalty

Design an omnichannel restaurant loyalty program that shows guests you can’t wait to see them again.

Punchh Offers
Punchh Offers

Dish out personalized incentives that exceed guest expectations & drive loyalty at scale.

Punchh Campaigns
Punchh Campaigns

Deliver automated, behavior-driven campaigns that transform first-time guests into lifelong fans.

“Working with Punchh benefits our brand, our customers, and our franchisees. We have seen the value of delivering cumulative loyalty campaigns through our app, keeping us relevant with our fans and keeping our fans engaged and participating with our brand.”

Ryan Murrin, Former CMO of Pancheros

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Master the Guest Experience with
Data-Driven Customer Relationships

No more guessing what guests want or hoping the next promotion doesn’t fall flat. The Punchh platform is all about using in-depth customer data to build lasting relationships.

  • Better understand your guests with program tracking and audience analytics displayed on an intuitive dashboard
  • Punchh’s scalable platform lets you execute loyalty with ease, whether you have eight locations or eight hundred
  • Integrate personalized loyalty rewards with third-party systems without endless hours of coding and bugging your IT team

Engagement at the POS, Online, & Beyond

Punchh integrates across your restaurant, so guests can engage online, on their phone, or in-store for a seamless, branded experience.

  • Cook up the perfect program with spend & visit-based rewards, banked points, or tiered memberships
  • Surprise and delight guests anywhere with touchpoints in-store, online, or in-app—all while collecting valuable customer data
  • Run the most reliable loyalty experience around with omnichannel redemption, notifications & messages

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Loyalty Rewards Customers Crave

With in-depth guest data and machine learning campaigns at your fingertips, you’ll have guests craving their next loyalty reward.

  • Use machine learning to pair the best offer with the best customer for increased redemption at scale
  • Build & deliver automated campaigns using behavior & event-based triggers for the right offers, right when guests want it
  • Increase ROI with a full-fledged loyalty program built with one thing in mind: customer happiness

“Having the Punchh dashboard at our fingertips helps us dig into the metrics and better understand our customers’ behaviors and preferences. We’re able to innovate and create really engaging campaigns that drive repeat visits and customer lifetime value.”

Former Director of Digital Growth, Blaze

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Our Loyalty to You

Punchh is about connecting with people and that ethos extends to our restaurant partners. We’re here for you every step of the way, so you can grow the loyal following your restaurant deserves.

Punchh Design

A Custom Mobile Experience
Connect with customers on the go with a branded app full of the loyalty features your fans love.

Punchh App Development

Loyalty Strategy and
Program Design

We’re here to help you craft the loyalty program that’s right for your restaurant.

Punchh Benchmarking

Benchmarking & Best Practices
You’ll work with a dedicated CSM to make sure your restaurant hits all the right growth marks.

Punchh Certification

Training and Education
Punchh provides platform certification and
ongoing training for restaurant marketers

Punchh Support

We’re Here for You
Global support: Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 8:00 pm, 10:30 pm – 7:30 am CST

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