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Subscription Based Loyalty Programs

Punchh Subscriptions utilizes cutting-edge loyalty program technology to drive predictable revenue while increasing guest affinity.

Choose The Subscriptions Offering That Fits Best For Your Brand

Lock in your best guests with an enriched experience through a tailored program

Impact and ROI Tracking
Impact and ROI Tracking

Manage right from the Punchh platform for an exceptional guest experience.

Integrated Systems
Integrated Systems

Seamless integration with Punchh mobile apps and online ordering solutions.

Drive Frequency
Drive Frequency

Easy sign ups, personalized campaign engagement, plus automated renewal messaging.

Capture recurring revenue, drive frequency and build guest affinity with Punchh Subscriptions.

  • Generate recurring payments while providing guests with exclusive access to a product or service over a designated period of time
  • Acquire new loyalty members and increase engagement of existing ones with customized subscription based loyalty programs
  • Create subscription offers to boost seasonal slumps, drive business during slow periods or increase channel sales
  • Grow CLV while delighting guests and maximizing their engagement

Punchh restaurant subscribers drove a 6.5x lift in visit frequency and a 163% increase in CLV

Capture recurring revenue, drive frequency and build guest affinity with Punchh Subscriptions.


With the average household subscribing to 10 subscriptions, consumers have a demonstrated interest in subscriptions. It’s no surprise given subscriptions’ many benefits.

  • Value – the more guests visit, the more value they receive
  • Exclusivity – a one time purchase buys ongoing perks; tiered programs provide VIP status
  • Convenience – pay once, enjoy multiple times
  • Flexibility – guests renew or cancel as they like


Brands love the subscription model because it drives predictable revenue while increasing guest affinity.

There are a variety of different subscription loyalty program types, each with their own strengths, all of which deliver a unique experience.

  • Drive frequency with item-based rewards
  • Grow channel sales with free delivery, online discounts or dine-in specials
  • Increase CLV with tiered programs that offer enhanced guest value
  • Boost cash flow when you need it with product passes
  • Capture new guests with creative subscription programs and multiple program options

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