C-store Loyalty Program Challenges

Convenience store chains are challenged today to build meaningful relationships with customers who are in the store, at the pump, or on their phones. Meeting the growing expectations of time-strapped, tech-savvy shoppers has raised the bar for brands to create a convenience store loyalty program that optimizes customer engagement through safe, easy, and frictionless experiences across all channels. To drive pump-to-register sales, convenience retailers need loyalty program software to learn the identity of each individual customer and to have the technology to message them real-time, relevant offers based on their behaviors and preferences.

What are the best convenience store loyalty programs delivering?

Punchh is revolutionizing the way convenience stores interact with customers in-store, online, in-app, and at the gas pump. By offering a fully integrated loyalty solution, operators are able to attract, engage, and retain shoppers with data-driven, omnichannel campaigns, and offers. Punchh develops and powers branded store rewards programs and apps with frictionless loyalty integration. Accelerate your convenience store business performance with Punchh’s suite of loyalty solutions and services, including:

  • Punchh Loyalty

    Deliver a rewarding c-store loyalty program that drives acquisitions & retention

    Punchh Loyalty goes beyond location to give convenience retailers a complete program with tools for customer acquisition, marketing campaign automation, integrated offer delivery, and data analytics. With Punchh, C-stores can seek to activate members, create omnichannel engagement, continuously measure outcomes, and have an impactful store rewards program that drives participation rates.

  • Punchh Offers

    Digital c-store offers drive omnichannel success

    Enhance your acquisition, retention, and convenience store loyalty strategies with personalized, online, and mobile offers. Punchh provides real-time POS integration and campaign management for omnichannel promotion delivery and redemption. Your c-store never loses out as eligibility verification and discounts take place without delay, both at the register and digitally.

  • Merlin AI

    Simplify your c-store marketing & accelerate your ROI with AI assistance

    Unlock the value of your customer data with an AI-powered loyalty program software that continually learns, tunes, and adapts to your convenience store business. C-store marketers can easily create 1:1 campaigns by choosing from real-time, AI-defined customer segments, recommended offers, and control groups that optimize the right channel, time, and day to deliver campaigns.

  • Consumer Experience

    Elevate the convenience store customer journey at every turn

    Differentiate your convenience store with streamlined services for curbside pickup and contactless payments to deliver an easy, frictionless c-store loyalty program experience across all channels.

Why working from a modern loyalty platform gives you advantages.

Punchh is exciting because they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of how retailers can leverage AI to enhance every step of the customer journey, from new customer acquisition to loyalist activation and beyond. Art Sebastian, Casey’s VP of Digital Experience
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Casey’s Convenience Store Loyalty Program Statistics

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loyalty signups

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total transactions use rewards

RaceTrac iPhone App

C-store marketing campaigns that win customers

Capitalize on current digital marketing trends to segment and target shoppers with CPG promotions and real-time offers. Become a convenience store chain that drives omnichannel engagement through a data-driven strategy to rapidly convert first-time shoppers into valued customers by delivering next-level personalization.

  • Drive participation and redemption with easy c-store customer identity resolution, automated customer segmentation, and quick campaign execution to reach shoppers via email, SMS, push notifications, and rich messages
  • Build and deliver automated customer journey campaigns using behavior and event-based triggers that keep shoppers engaged with your brand and willing to drive to your locations
  • Send real-time coupons and promos in-app, online, or in-store to spur customer action and drive higher redemption rates
  • Plan, manage, execute, track, and gain insights into every c-store campaign through a single, integrated loyalty and engagement platform dashboard

Convenience Store Loyalty Program Statistics

The AI-powered Punchh Platform elevates the customer experience. Convenience stores that use AI-generated campaigns compared to manually-generated marketing campaigns experience:

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more customers redeeming offers

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more customers visiting

C-store campaign offers and reward programs

Design a customized, AI-driven convenience store loyalty program with a branded c-store mobile reward app to deliver a better customer experience. With Punchh, c-stores have the ability to integrate ordering, payment options, pickup/delivery, and a range of other systems to easily ensure a contactless guest experience that is also frictionless, convenient, and memorable.

  • Customize your store loyalty program structure with spend and visit-based, “spend unlocks redeemables” or tiered memberships
  • Make it easy for shoppers to earn and redeem rewards in-store, online, in-app, or at the pump, collecting valuable data at every consumer touchpoint
  • Integrate your POS, payment, online ordering, and other third-party systems with your Punchh C-store loyalty program without code and without a burden to your IT team
  • Create a frictionless, safe in-app c-store customer experience for ordering, paying, pickup/delivery, and earning/redeeming points

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Ready to drive a range of c-store offer redemption options?

We chose Punchh because they had the expertise to customize a loyalty solution to fit our specific needs “Punchh’s ability to take historical data and current data and apply it to our goals — No other competitors really offered that. Jon Bunch, Huck’s Director of Marketing Business Development
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Huck’s Convenience Story Loyalty Program Statistics

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the goal for mobile ordering

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average loyalty visits

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