Empowered women empower women

The Punchh Women in Technology initiative provides opportunities for professional development and mentorship to support women throughout their careers.

Mission Statement

The Women in Technology (WIT) program is a collective network of support and development. At Punchh we strive to create a diverse workplace, and it is with this intention that we launched the Women in Technology program in 2020 on August 26th, Women’s Equality Day. The mission of this initiative is to provide a resource for the women employees at Punchh that addresses topics such as diversity, professional development, and mentorship. Our goal is to empower our peers to participate in and positively influence the betterment of our employees and organization as a whole.

WIT Focus

  • Networking and collaboration
  • Training & mentorship
  • Increasing the ratio of women employees at Punchh
    • Focusing on recruiting, retaining, and branding
  • Utilizing internal talent for skill-sharing and development
  • Organizing talks / forums that address key topics such as:
    • Professional / leadership development
    • Work-life balance
    • Diversity
    • Courageous conversations
    • Pay equality
  • Community service and volunteering
  • Book club discussions



WIT Blog

Work Smart and Be Productive – November 25, 2020
Swamy’s most important piece of advice? Do what works best for you. Every tactic and suggestion on working smart and increasing productivity she presented was followed with the advice to use what works and serves you best.

WIT Past Events

November 22

Charity Drive – The Austin SAFE Alliance
The Punchh WIT group collected purchases to make 64 Welcome Kits, totaling approximately $4,000 in donations for survivors of abuse staying at the Family Shelters of the Austin SAFE (stop abuse for everyone) Alliance. The SAFE Alliance exists to stop abuse for everyone by serving the survivors of child abuse, sexual assault and exploitation, and domestic violence.

October 15

WIT Workshop – Work Smart and Be Productive
Kshama Swamy, Punchh’s Vice President of Support & Implementations, provided a mentoring session about organizational best practices and how to work both effectively and efficiently.

August 26

Kick-off Event with Lolita E Walker
Lolita’s interactive session focused on helping employees create boundaries, make time for themselves, and focus their energy with S,H,I,F,T. The session was followed by an open Q&A. Lolita is a Life & Executive Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, Retreat Cultivator, and Change Champion for YOU. 

WIT Gallery