Improve Engagement with Customer Loyalty Program Services

By: Melissa Canellis


What Type of Customer Loyalty Program Services & Support Do Brands Need?

Throughout the stages of launching and enhancing a customer loyalty program, brands need a loyalty partner that provides strategic, management and technical services and support that align with their customer experience KPIs and deliver on their business goals.

Now, more than ever, customers expect brands to deliver personalized experiences that are effortless, high-value, and consistent between on-premise and off-premise channels. To fulfill these growing expectations, brands must create a highly strategic restaurant loyalty program that turns anonymous guests into loyal superfans. 

With the right level of support, marketers quickly and easily gain knowledge of the tools and the platform to successfully promote the program to employees, franchisees and customers. Continuing on-demand education takes the challenge out of easily making updates as the program begins to scale. With the right level of service and support, brands have the opportunity to create modern customer experiences that build lasting loyalty. 

Top 3 Services Brands Need To Make Their Loyalty Program A Success

Customer Loyalty Program Strategy Planning & Implementation Services

Meeting changing customers’ expectations for convenience, value and personalization requires having the right loyalty program in place to meet their current and future needs. Loyalty programs offer multiple ways to keep customers happy. Brands need to initially consider the types of program structures a loyalty solution can support and determine the best structure for their program, while also identifying any customized components they may want. Here are the key strategy services brands need:

  • Customer experience goal setting
  • Market-specific loyalty program designing
  • Complete requirement gathering for a smooth implementation 
  • Benchmarking and best practices discussion
  • Development, testing, deployment, and monitoring of program

Customer Loyalty Program Management Services

From the right loyalty platform and with the right data, marketers can nurture customers and deliver personalized messages and experiences. Marketers need the power to build value into their brand through next-level personalization that increases customer engagement and lifetime value. For a program to excel, it is essential for brands to receive expert advice from their loyalty partner and rely on their: 

  • On-demand analytics and custom reporting
  • Product Information Management (PIM), data normalization, data lake, and more
  • Dedicated account team member’s platform training and campaign strategy guidance 
  • Ongoing business reviews of loyalty program performance 
  • Recommendations for driving business objectives 

Customer Loyalty Program Technical Services

The value of a loyalty program stems in part from the ease of integrations that provide valuable customer data to be made actionable through analytics. Technical services offer brands of all sizes the ability to get the most out of their solution with: 

  • Implementation and training on the platform and technology tools 
  • Integration with omnichannel customer engagement solutions such as mobile app, website, POS & a range of other third party systems
  • Full sales, support, service and implementations across multiple countries
  • Support of multiple languages for customer facing interfaces & communication 

Punchh Loyalty Program Service & Support Solution

While Punchh is enterprise-scalable, it’s also SMB-flexible. And because marketers often work on lean teams, Punchh provides the solution and services brands need to create a world-class loyalty program. Punchh customers gain access to best-in-class practices and resources to drive their marketing efforts and grow their acquisition and retention rates. A dedicated CSM helps brands track and measure recency, frequency, and spend so marketing initiatives are optimized for targeting all three aspects of CLV. 

More important services Punchh provides brands to excel at earning restaurant customer loyalty:

  • Customized training guides to be used for in-store associates to help them better understand the loyalty program & reward app
  • Initial platform training and continuing on-demand product education through our recognized certification program
  • Dedicated account team to provide ongoing business reviews of loyalty program performance & goal setting
  • Optional managed services for marketing strategy, campaign creation, best practices, and program execution
  • Optional guest services to directly manage clients’ loyalty guest requests for help with in-app sign-ups, offer redemptions and point management  

To learn more about how Punchh delivers the benefits you and your customers need the most, visit our Punchh Loyalty, Engagement & Offers Platform. If you’re looking to launch or revamp a loyalty program for your brand, or just want to talk with a loyalty expert, contact us today.


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