From Brand Loyalist To Superfan

Dynamic, AI-driven, customized loyalty programs build relationships with your customers, increasing lifetime value


Build customer lifetime value with all-inclusive programs that turn brand loyalists into superfans. Make it easy to redeem and earn rewards across every touchpoint and channel, in-store and online.

Build Loyalty - Everywhere

Make loyalty easy for every customer, making it effortless to earn and redeem in-store and online, across purchases, eCommerce, payments or referrals.


Personalize Relationships

Deliver one-to-one, AI-powered customer journeys for every business objective. From identifying customer segment to increasing specific SKU spend, to winning back lapsed customers and mitigating churn.


Nurture Superfans

Create lifelong brand loyalists with dynamic programs that engage and adapt to changing customer behavior – in real-time – driving sustained growth in same-store sales.

You're in Good Company

Loyalty Key Features

Loyalty Program Structures

Engage your customers with a flexible, customized, and stackable loyalty programs that makes earning and redeeming rewards easy and fun

Omnichannel Engagement

Engage customers seamlessly across in-store and online channels while delivering unified experiences

  • In-Store & Online Integrations

    Ensure a consistent experience across POS, kiosks, websites & mobile experiences, email, WiFi, SMS/push, & chatbots

  • Mobile App

    Engage mobile users with a user-friendly mobile app customized to your brand

  • All-Inclusive Loyalty

    Encourage program participation by building rewards into all interactions including eCommerce/online ordering, payments, surveys & referrals

Social Sharing & Voice of Customer

Encourage customers to provide feedback to accelerate brand awareness and build a richer customer experience

  • Referrals

    Empower customers to invite friends to join the loyalty program via their social media networks using their mobile app or the Web

  • Surveys

    Gain real-time feedback from customers directly via the mobile app

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Make it easy for customers to check-in, provide experience ratings, and share them to their social media accounts

  • Deep Sentiment

    Capture reviews automatically in real-time and convert customer sentiment into quantifiable metrics using AI & machine learning

Liability & Fraud Management

Reduce risk to your brand and ensure the security of your customer data

Punchh Loyalty is powered by the Punchh PLATFORM


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I was impressed with Punchh’s flexibility and speed to get things done. Thanks to Punchh, we’ve recruited a whole heap of new guests on to the app who are more engaged—and we’re now seeing the visits and their behavior in a better way than we ever have done before.

Steve Flanagan, CMO, TGI Fridays UK

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