Kick bad pickup experiences to the curb

Differentiate your brand with a streamlined and consistent pickup solution that directly integrates with your loyalty program and Olo ordering platform. Punchh Pickup creates a frictionless, end-to-end pickup experience for customers and employees, in-store, at the curb, or in the drive-thru.

Single <br>Dashboard

Monitor order and customer information in a single dashboard

  • Reduce customer wait times and streamline order fulfillment
  • View and manage pickup orders from a web-based, in-store console, with real-time location and arrival estimates that enable clear communication with customers
  • Access a map view and purchased items for individual orders
  • Enable two-tap guest messaging to communicate order delays, ready orders, or completed orders
Personalized  <br>Mobile Experience
Mobile Experience

Create a personalized mobile experience for your guests with customized status messages based on the customer’s location

  • Create and save vehicle details for faster checkout & streamlined curbside pickup
  • Customize location permissions & messaging to fit your brand voice
  • Accommodate guests that don’t share location to prevent delays upon arrival
  • Prompt next customer action with always-there notification banners
Real-time Communication
Real-time Communication

Customize dashboard settings to match your unique in-store workflows and ensure clear, real-time communication

  • Enable/disable for specific order types (curbside, in-store pickup, drive-thru)
  • Set geofence for customer arrival
  • Prompt guests for information when they arrive (i.e. parking spot number)
  • Customize arrival messages by order type

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It’s time for a better pickup experience. Combine the loyalty program your customers love with the fast and frictionless pickup experience they expect.

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