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By: Melissa Canellis


You don’t need more marketing tools. You need results. For over 12 years, Punchh has been packing a punch for the biggest brands in the food business. From our white-glove treatment, to our 200+ partners and integrations, we’ve set the industry standard for driving customer loyalty, retention, and ultimately, bottom line, for businesses just like yours.

So let’s get into it. The business bottom line that is.

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The Impact of an Effective Loyalty Strategy on Your Business

We generate customer loyalty. Getting your hard-earned customers to return is what we help you do. But today, loyalty has evolved. And delivering an effective loyalty strategy needs both a modern, customer experience and the right, time-tested partner. We know you have options, but here’s what you get when you use our comprehensive customer loyalty strategy:

  • We’ve been at this for 12+ years. We know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • We’ve set the industry standard. The top 275 global brands and franchises work with us.
  • We offer loyalty customizations galore based on your business size.
  • You receive our white-glove treatment. (You have enough to do running your business!)
  • We have the data to prove we can help your bottom line.
  • We scale with you. (We’ve solved future problems for you that you haven’t even thought of yet!)

So let’s hash it out. (And sadly no, hold the potatoes.) How exactly do we get your customers coming back? How do we stack up against others in the industry? Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain from working with us.

Tropical Smoothie PointsWhat only our loyalty platform can provide

Let’s talk about the metrics that matter. You know, the ones that grow your business. Participation rates are important and adoption rates are a great marketing metric we share along with industry standard benchmarks at your quarterly business check-ins.

We help brands see measurable growth based on their KPIs and business goals. Here are some examples:

Whether you’re a household name franchise, or a regional brand with the best recipes in town, we know how to guide, and help you build, a customer loyalty program that makes sense for your business size and needs.

Punchh vs. the competition

Focusing on people is timeless. After all, creating loyal customers should start with people – not data points. From the first hello to the hundredth welcome back, our AI-driven loyalty platform not only automates your efforts, but it compounds your successes for you. And that’s just the beginning. Learn 6 reasons why our tried-and-true customer loyalty strategies just work.

1. Most experience with enterprise-level clientsnekter iphone points

Taco Bell Rewards program has provided its most passionate fans the ability to attend exclusive experiences like Taco Bell Drag Brunch and score early access to favorites like Mexican Pizza. Along with customers like Casey’s In 2022, Casey’s who achieved 43M redemptions and a 70% QoQ loyalty retention rate in 2022, we have a proven track record of success.

We know what global, large brands need. And we also know what smaller businesses need too – whether they’re just starting out, or are ready to expand and scale. When you’re ready to grow, we have solutions to challenges you may not have even thought of yet. How do we know? Because we’ve helped countless others navigate their growth challenges.

2. Industry benchmark leader who established the top best practices

We’ve worked hard over the years keeping our customers happy, and their customers happy. We’ve focused on a digital-first approach that gets you software updates, platform upgrades, and the latest trending loyalty features so you don’t have to.

Best of all, we don’t just lead the industry. We’ve set the benchmark for the industry. We’ve innovated some of the top best practices for customer retention, like our omnichannel customer engagement efforts or allowing you to write the rules for your loyalty program.

3. A scalable and robust digital loyalty platform

What good is an excellent loyalty program if you can’t automate it? We’ve invested over the last 12 years in building a scalable and robust AI-powered digital loyalty platform. We created features like:

  • Segment creation
  • Franchise views
  • Flexible offers
  • Real-time POS integrations
  • And more

Let’s be real. Business needs can change. Let’s say you want to switch POS providers or add a new one, our real-time POS integration support can help you transition easily. We even allow for multiple POS integrations at once.

And what happens if your brand wants to move to a franchise model or it already has a franchise model? We already lead the industry with franchise support (like providing franchise-level campaigns, franchise reporting, and more).

4. Data-backed Loyalty Offerings

Our Flexible Offers Management Engine lets you send off the discounts and offers you want. We provide an array of program types that support all sizes of businesses, such as:

  • Non-discounted offers
  • Gamification support
  • Jumping the waitlist
  • BOGO offers
  • SKU level discounting
  • And more

Take your loyalty offerings one step further by offering customer tiers. Allow your best customers to be rewarded, while learning consumer habits, data insights, and other meaningful interactions that you can implement across the board. Because once you find a tactic that wins, it’s time to duplicate it and compound your successes.

5. Enterprise-grade, white glove treatment

Self-serve is great at times. But unlike your favorite HGTV success story where DIYers get the money, and the success – running a food business or convenience store isn’t quite the same. As the operator or marketing manager of a SMB, you have a lot on your plate. Do you really want to add running a DIY customer loyalty program to that?

We’ve been down this road before. Let us consult with you and give you the loyalty strategy that works best for your business. Are you an enterprise-sized franchise? Let’s give you the white-glove experience that you deserve. Because it’s not just your customers that need a great customer experience – it’s you too!

Thanks to our best-in-class, professional services, you can be set up and running quickly. And the best part? You can get back to your main focus: running your business.

6. Over 200+ integrations and partners

When you onboard with us, it’s smooth sailing. That’s because we’ve always been API-first (we play nice with other software). We fit into any environment thanks to our expansive tech stack of over 200+ partners and integrations, and our partner integrations even allow for bi-directional data integration.

So if you love the software you use now to monitor your customer data – great! Keep using it. Our power-packed digital loyalty program can help you keep doing that.

Unlike many of our competitors, we know what it takes to build a data-backed, customer loyalty program that helps your bottom line. At Punchh, we don’t just deliver tools to straightforward programs. We provide the backend data made actionalable through an intuitive dashboard that helps you continually improve your subscription and rewards programs.

Interested in learning more about Punchh’s hyper-personalized loyalty platform to meet all the digital needs of your customers? Request a demo today and let’s talk through your business needs and goals.

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