Punchh Customers Earn Recognition as Newsweek’s 2023 America’s Best Loyalty Programs

By: Melissa Canellis


Newsweek’s annual listing of America’s Best Loyalty Programs for 2023 emphasizes the importance of customer loyalty and the value an elevated program can bring to a brand’s reputation and their bottom line. We’re so happy to announce that 12 of our restaurant and c-store customers earned top honors this year.  

A strong loyalty program and platform provides the tactics and tools necessary to motivate customers to truly engage with a brand and deliver outcomes such as increased frequency, spend and lifetime value.  With changing customer preferences and a challenging economy, brands are leaning into their loyalty programs to help serve up a consistent and rewarding customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. 

To assess and rank programs, the publication collected data from more than 4,000 customers who are members of U.S. loyalty programs and who did multiple evaluations of different loyalty programs in 32 categories, among them restaurants and convenience stores.  

Loyalty program assessment and rankings were based on the following six criteria:  

  1. Ease and enjoyment: Measures the value of the perks of being in the rewards program.
  2. Benefit: Measures whether the rewards are—in the customer’s perception—worth being part of the program.
  3. Overall satisfaction: Measures whether personal expectations were fulfilled and whether the customer is satisfied with the experience of the loyalty program overall.
  4. Customer support: Measures the level of assistance provided to customers when signing up for the program or having trouble redeeming benefits.
  5. Trust: Measures the trust in the loyalty program around how the brand uses personal data provided through the program.
  6. Recommendation: Measures the likelihood of recommending the program to friends and family.  

Punchh customers were leaders in multiple categories. Consumers showed their love for Casey’s Rewards, which took the #2 spot in Convenience Stores, to IHOP Rewards in Casual Dining to Zaxby’s Rewardz in the #3 spot for Fast Food. Punchh also powers Papa Rewards and Hut Rewards, two of the only four pizza brands that made this year’s list. Check out the complete list of 2023 customer loyalty program winners. 

Congratulations to all our top-ranking Punchh customers, who continue to personalize the customer experience with relevant promotions and experiential offerings to turn guests into loyal brand advocates. These innovative loyalty programs, powered by Punchh’s platform, are helping restaurants and convenience stores grow and scale throughout the U.S.  

With integrations to nearly 200 third-party POS, online ordering, payment, and other providers, Punchh collects data at every consumer touchpoint to deliver brands a 360-degree view of the customers. Whether online, in-store, in-app, at the curb, or at a fuel pump, Punchh helps brands serve up the best ML-driven offers at the right time and in the right channel. The result? A personalized, seamless experience for customers and higher revenue and customer lifetime value for your brand. 

Schedule a personalized demo today to learn why over 275 of the world’s most popular brands rely on Punchh to deliver a best-in-class loyalty experience. 

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