How to Strategically Develop and Service a Profitable Loyalty Program

By: Melissa Canellis


Today, restaurants need a dynamic, adaptive marketing approach that focuses on building relationships with their customers. The advantages of a strong base of active customers in a loyalty program are numerous, including reducing overall customer acquisition costs, optimizing current relationships, increasing engagement, and driving frequency.  

While many brands make the initial outlay to start investing in loyalty, they unintentionally drop the ball by crafting a generic, out-of-the-box program. In order for brands to capitalize on their investment they need to properly connect the dots between their loyalty program incentives and the motivators that drive desired customer behavior. A strategically designed loyalty program can actually improve customer retention and profitability while also supporting desired customer acquisition goals. It also needs to engage and inspire guests across every channel, including in-store, online, and in-app to deliver a consistent and rewarding experience.  

Brands need to partner with experts who understand not only the tech, but also the industry. Imagine having the insights and expertise to help you evaluate your program goals and suggest proven methodologies that enable you to strengthen 1:1 guest relationships and improve your return on investment. Punchh is the answer. 

While Punchh is enterprise-scalable, it’s also SMB-flexible. And because marketers often work on lean teams, Punchh provides the right level of services brands need to create guest-centric, profitable loyalty programs. Punchh customers gain access to best-in-class practices and resources to drive their marketing efforts and grow their acquisition and retention rates.  

Accessible Training and Services for Loyalty Program Management

All Punchh customers work with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who helps a brand track and measure acquisition, engagement and customer retention. Through quarterly business reviews every brand sees how their marketing initiatives are optimized for targeting all three aspects of CLV and the impact they are delivering on their KPIs. Customers also have access to Punchh University, a place for marketers to gain specialized knowledge through curated training initiatives such as the Platform Certification Program and the Loyalty Marketing Certification program. Additionally, monthly webinars give Punchh customers more in-depth exposure to a variety of topics around platform capabilities designed to grow and engage their loyalty program members.  

Check out Punchh’s Comprehensive Service Offerings 

Why should you consider Punchh Services? 

Punchh loyalty strategies are developed from deep industry and sub-industry insights. They include benchmarking across 25+ key marketing metrics, including everything from the optimal number of days between communications to typical visit frequencies. Unique insights and pitfalls to avoid are shared from our work with 275+ brands to deliver proven tactics and innovative, bold ideas on topics like membership tiers, challenges and social causes. Our loyalty consulting team collectively has 35+ years of digital and brand marketing experience so we can help you navigate your way to a successful program. 

Types of Loyalty Services Punchh Offers 

Punchh Loyalty Strategy 

The Punchh Loyalty Strategy department provides strategic consulting services for our customers, ultimately amplifying their marketing efforts and ensuring long-term program success. When engagement is the name of the game, our strategic experts help you evaluate your program and goals, provide you with recommendations for crafting an innovative and optimized program, and keep you on track for delivering a rewarding member experience. The Loyalty Strategy department can help brands who are looking to enter the marketplace with their loyalty program and help brands ready to redesign their program to make it more successful.  

  • Restaurant and Cstore Loyalty Launch/Optimization Strategy 

For brands who have newly launched or existing loyalty programs, there are typically key areas for opportunity across acquisition, engagement, retention or performance optimization. One annual package consists of 4 quarters of loyalty strategy and includes a program diagnosis, strategic blueprint, and up to 12 campaign briefs quarterly. This can be paired with Managed Services for a turnkey loyalty services offering. 

  • Restaurant and C-store Loyalty Program Redesign Strategy 

Many brands consider restructuring their loyalty program after 3-5 years. We’ll work with you on diving into your current program and ideating on a new and modern approach for your guests. You’ll work with a dedicated loyalty strategist who will conduct stakeholder interviews and a competitive analysis to deliver a final program design that includes migration best practices for a successful relaunch. 

Punchh Managed Services 

For brands with lean teams, Managed Services handles the setup, testing, and execution of campaigns on your behalf. Brands can focus on their strengthens, while Punchh loyalty experts build and execute campaigns, segments, and redeemables in the Punchh Platform. 

Punchh Enterprise Support

Premium Support offers brands priority access to a specialized group of experienced Punchh support team members. The Premium Support team handling your tickets will be well versed with your technology stack and loyalty program details. This results in faster resolution times to any identified or reported issues with more detailed explanations along the way. You receive 24/7 coverage for high severity support issues.  

Punchh Guest Services

To meet the needs of running a loyalty program, our Guest Support teams help equip brands to respond to guest inquiries in a timely manner – a vital necessity for a seamless customer experience. Punchh Guest Services offers a dedicated team of experts to review, respond to, and manage all of your guests’ mobile app and loyalty program questions. Our experienced team responds to each ticket within 48 hours, ensuring your guest questions are quickly resolved. 

Our goal is to help you design the best loyalty program structure that intensifies your brand ROI. Whether we’re helping you to build a new program or revamp an existing one – we’ll help you retain customers, increase profits, and strengthen the engagement between you and your loyal customers. Trust the perfect mix of competence, experience, and marketing support technology with Punchh Services. Try a free demo of our Loyalty Strategy Services or connect with your Customer Service Manager for more information. 

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