Curbside is a Hot Commodity: Everything you Need to Know About Implementing Punchh Pickup

By: Brittany Maroney


Customers are busier than ever, and if there is one thing that the last year has taught them, it’s that convenience reigns supreme. In a world where they can order a box of popcorn for same-day delivery via Amazon and on-demand videos off Netflix, they also expect food service to be available at the simple click of a button. Customers want food fresh, hot, and on the go, and with contactless interactions still top of mind, curbside and takeout have seen an explosion in popularity across the nation. Post-pandemic dine-in sales continue to grow, but the reality is that takeout and curbside are here to stay. 

With curbside being the next must-have revenue channel in the industry, are you ready to evaluate and implement it within your organization? If so, Punchh Pickup is the solution for you.  

With Punchh Pickup, you are able to capitalize on new revenue streams and provide your customers more options in the ordering process while creating an effortless platform for your operations teams. Punchh Pickup also amplifies your ability to cater to a diverse community of diners and drive greater customer engagement from your loyalists.


At the end of the day, much is outside the hands of the restaurant, but with Punchh Pickup you can regain control of your curbside strategy. Using holistic technology, Punchh Pickup integrates your current app and your existing POS hardware, allowing you to quickly solve significant challenges in the existing curbside experience. More importantly, this integration will enable you to reduce wait times, monitor critical orders, personalize communications with guests and increase order accuracy for customers. When exploring Punchh Pickup, you’ll find features and options that ensure the full end-to-end experience is seamless for both the restaurant staff and the customer.  

Guests are looking for interactions that provide a faster checkout and streamlined curbside experience, and Punchh Pickup delivers that and more. Create a frictionless brand experience with the ability to customize messaging as customers interact with your app, as well as functionality that keeps them up-to-date in ways that don’t feel intrusive, like discreet notification banners and options to not share location. Real-time communication creates confidence in the guest and ensures they receive the quick and touchless service they desire.

Geofencing is another feature of Punchh Pickup that helps your brand manage various order types brought in by the mobile app, including curbside, in-store pickup, or drive-thru. Punchh Pickup individually prompts the customer on where to navigate once they enter the lot. It also allows the staff to visually see and interact with orders as they come in real-time and settings that provide continuous GPS location tracking and arrival notifications.

Responsive in-store consoles are critical to the Punchh Pickup technology, as is a web-based solution so that orders can be accessed from any device. Drill downs into map views, individual menu items, and guest messaging will allow your operators to interact and manage orders as they are placed, fired, and delivered. When individual restaurants vary by lot size, parking availability, staffing, or by DMA, you’ll want to consider utilizing the option to customize notifications or define when the staff sees that the customer is “nearby”.

To overcome lot challenges, Punchh Pickup allows you to adapt to individual site locations and customize parking options while choosing how to detect and capture key identification details such as vehicle type, parking spot number, or location. The operations team can automate order delays or “ready” messaging to ensure continuous communication provided to guests, no matter what the traffic volume or daypart.

Partnering with Punchh for your curbside strategy also opens the door to new opportunities within your loyalty and campaign offerings. By integrating the Punchh Pickup platform, you create a natural funnel for your on-premise and off-premise customer data that will lend to more significant insights into your customer base.

Punchh delivers dynamic loyalty insights through a comprehensive suite of machine learning capabilities, predictive analytics and channel optimization that makes 1:1 marketing easy across all of your channels, including curbside. Never miss an opportunity to accelerate customer approval, drive loyalty adopters and create higher lifetime value from your guests based on their dining preferences. With these omnichannel insights, you’ll have a better understanding of guests’ purchasing habits, be able to elicit feedback, market more effectively, and increase the potential for profits. With takeout and curbside here to stay, it’s an ecosystem that restaurants can’t do without.

It’s time to kick bad customer experience to the curb. If you’d like to learn more about how Punchh Pickup can elevate your curbside experience to drive higher customer satisfaction, contact us today for a personalized demo.

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