Amplify Your Capabilities with Trusted Partner Integrations

Maximize your existing investments through our partnerships with the world’s leading technology and services companies–without burdening your IT team. Pre-built connectors offer a 360-degree profile for every customer, updated in real-time with data and preferences from your omnichannel ecosystem.

Customer profiles are stored and easily accessible from the cloud, giving you visibility into the campaigns and offers that motivate high-value behaviors for every guest. Learn about and optimize your future promotions to increase customer lifetime value and ROI.

Punchh partners with POS, payment providers, ordering, delivery, kiosk, email providers, and many other systems and services. We offer unmatched breadth and depth for industry-specific integrations in virtually every category for restaurants and c-stores.

Find out more about how Punchh integrates with your existing systems.

  • POS

    Quick & Easy Loyalty Program and POS Integration

    Brands with brick-and-mortar locations need a loyalty program that integrates seamlessly with the POS. It gives you an edge for delivering on your customers’ expectations for value, convenience and a contactless experience, along with providing customers with the ability to earn and redeem points across every channel.


  • Online Ordering/Pick Up/Delivery

    Convenient Online & In-app Ordering with Dispatch, Delivery & Curbside PickUp Integration

    Customer expectations for “on-demand” have never been higher. Providing online ordering gives your customers the ability to place an order through your website, app and/or third-party app from a desktop or a mobile device for dispatch, delivery or curbside pickup.


  • Kiosk

    Self-ordering Kiosk Integration for Quick Service

    Self-ordering kiosks enable customers to quickly place and pay for orders independently on-premise. Kiosk ordering removes friction and lets customers customize and verify their orders to ensure they get exactly what they want. It also provides valuable upsell opportunities, offering customers upgrades and meal suggestions they might not have known were available.


  • Agency/System Integration

    Create Omnichannel Experiences with Agency/System Integration

    Brands are embarking on a digital transformation journey to implement the technology and tools needed to provide customers with a rewarding omnichannel experience. Changing customer behaviors and preferences have created the need for brick-and-mortar businesses to focus on delivering a branded website, mobile app, digital marketing and communications as well as a modern digital loyalty program.


  • Consumer Experience Integrations

    Create a differentiated consumer experience

    Use integrated, location-specific feedback to gain a complete picture of transaction and behavioral patterns, allowing your marketing and operations teams to analyze and elevate feedback from customers at each of your physical locations.


  • Gift Card

    Acquire, Grow & Nurture Loyal Customers with Gift Card Integrations

    Gift cards help brands showcase a safe, contactless customer experience to meet new industry standards and consumer expectations.


  • Payments

    Offer Seamless Checkout with Payment Integrations

    Payment methods continue to increase every year. Keeping up with current payment trends provides options to meet a wide-range of customers’ needs and create a loyal fan base.


  • Marketing Cloud

    Quick & Easy Loyalty Program and
    Marketing Cloud Integration

    In this digital era, building profitable customer relationships requires a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and preferences than ever before. Having the right data at your fingertips leads to creating better 1:1 customer interactions.


  • Messaging

    Easily Connect with Customers Through Email/Messaging Integrations

    Now more than ever customers are digitally engaging with brands. Extending outreach through omnichannel messaging attracts new guests and drives repeat business with loyal customers.


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