Maximize Restaurant Integrations to Create Better Customer Loyalty Experiences

By: Melissa Canellis


Learn the power of restaurant loyalty solutions to maximize a brand’s investments through targeted system integrations. 

Restaurant Integration Challenges

As restaurant operators and marketers, you need a variety of technologies to drive optimal performance for your brand. While there may not be a “one-size-fits-all” approach for your entire operation, you still need ways to optimize the customer experience, drive higher sales and lifetime value, and essentially run a smarter, more efficient restaurant. To accomplish this, you have to have best-in-class solutions that fully integrate into your tech stack and create a broader ecosystem of connectivity that helps you easily grow and scale.

Never before has integrated technology been more important for the restaurant industry. With an initial shift in customer behavior during the pandemic to off-premise dining, brands are prioritizing online and in-app ordering, contactless payments, curbside pick-up and a range of delivery options. Creating a seamless, modern restaurant experience on- and off-premise means ensuring a safe and convenient environment that connects your front of house guest management systems (tablets, QR & kiosks) to your back-of-house (POS, kitchen display & 3rd party ordering/delivery) systems. 

And as digital and mobile capabilities continue to proliferate, so are your opportunities to drive business by engaging customers with personalized offers delivered over their preferred devices. Your hands are tied without the capability to leverage real-time data that drives high-value behaviors at the right time and over the right channels.

Restaurant Integration Solutions

With system integration and automation, restaurants are better positioned to monitor and enhance workflow performance and the customer experience. An integrated tech stack helps brands fit data together in real-time to create individual customer profiles that “show” marketers how and when to best engage their customers. 

Brands need the ability to leverage pre-built, restaurant-specific integrations in every category, including:

  • POS
  • Kiosk
  • Payments
  • Ordering/Curbside Pickup/Delivery
  • Gift Cards
  • Email 
  • Messaging
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Consulting & System Integration

Punchh provides brands with a single, AI-powered platform that integrates with all their systems to deliver real-time, actionable customer data insights that drive better on- and off-premise loyalty experiences and increase spend. 

Punchh partners with the leading providers in every restaurant system category, offering an unmatched breadth and depth of industry-specific integrations. Point of Sale and ordering integrations are two of the most important systems many brands are interested in learning more about. Here is a brief description of the benefits Punchh restaurant integrations offers brands and their customers. 

Quick & Easy Loyalty Program and POS Integration

Integrating your POS and loyalty program provides important data about your customers and supercharges your ability to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and offers. Established POS APIs with proven track records help you optimize your brand’s marketing efforts and maximize your ROI. 

Punchh connects with the most restaurant POS systems in the industry to offer the most benefits to you and our customers.

Why integrate Punchh with your POS?

  • Customers can seamlessly earn and redeem loyalty offers, unique coupons codes direct at the POS all in a single scan or phone number lookup 
  • Brands can acquire new loyalty guests through mobile barcode receipt scanning options or phone number signup at POS with optional text-to-join SMS capabilities
  • Customers can Pay, Earn and Redeem through integrations with stored value providers or Paypal for easy to use contactless checkout both in store and online
  • Punchh uses fraud proof receipt level integrations for real time itemized details

Convenient Online & In-app Ordering with Dispatch, Delivery & Curbside PickUp Integration

Providing online ordering gives your customers the ability to place an order through your website, app and/or third-party app from a desktop or a mobile device for dispatch, delivery or curbside pickup.

Online ordering systems collect customer information and allow you to receive and process orders either directly or indirectly through your POS. Online ordering offers an easy, convenient and contactless customer experience as most systems also have integrated payments. Integration with a loyalty program also provides customers with the ability to earn and redeem points and use personalized offers while ordering. It also provides you with rich customer data to enhance individual profiles and create better, more targeted segmentation.  

We partner with the top providers to streamline the entire ordering process through the Punchh Platform. However you’re providing customers the flexibility and choice for ordering, delivery or pickup, Punchh makes it easy with seamless integrations into your tech stack. Punchh provides guest authentication with Single Sign On (SSO) to support a native mobile and web experience with our online ordering partners. 

Why integrate Punchh with your ordering systems?

  • Customers can seamlessly earn & redeem Punchh-supported loyalty offers and unique coupons within the ordering flow 
  • Punchh supports curbside, dispatch, delivery and other pickup options 
  • Punchh’s native mobile ordering supports favorite orders & reorder, saved credit cards & gift cards, tipping and other payment options

To learn more about how Punchh integrates with your existing systems, visit our Partner Ecosystem. If you’re looking to launch or revamp a loyalty program for your brand, or just want to talk with a loyalty expert, contact us today.

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