The Importance of Segmentation in Convenience Store Marketing

By: Punchh


Every customer takes a different path to your store. Depending on their awareness and perception of your brand, you have varying degrees of influence over what steps they take to get there.

The first hurdle is getting them to notice your store and the next is getting them into the store. But your job doesn’t end there. Now you need to cultivate a relationship that earns their loyalty. 79% of consumers said brands have to actually demonstrate that they understand and care about them before they are going to consider purchasing. (Wunderman)

Customers now have a wide array of choices to spend their dollars as other channels step into the traditional convenience store space. Because customers today are engaging with brands across multiple channels, it’s important for c-store marketers to note that customer acquisition and loyalty programs need to accommodate more than one customer journey, such as:

It’s not that customers’ paths to purchase are becoming more complex, it’s that the data we can capture and analyze is able to paint a more comprehensive picture of their journey. If we have the tools to execute on those insights, to power a “lifetime of loyalty” experience for customers, we’ve truly taken the very concept of customer loyalty to the next dimension.

The Punchh Solution

At Punchh, we help brands know their customer’s digital identity, verify every visit, and keep track of purchase receipts for every guest. Using these key pieces of information, your brand can automate marketing efforts and design campaigns and offers targeted for every customer throughout their entire customer journey. Learn more about creating positive experiences for your customers by downloading our ‘Top 5 Customer Experience Trends for Convenience Stores’ resource.

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