Jack’s Family Restaurant Improves Loyalty Transactions 56% and Boosts YoY Retention Rates 40%

By: Anthony Giampa


Creating a loyalty program is a strategic move that no brand can afford to overlook. Such programs are essential for retaining customers, increasing their lifetime value, and gaining a competitive advantage. They not only provide valuable data and insights but also foster customer engagement and feedback, while generating awareness to your brand.

In order to create and launch a successful loyalty program, a strong loyalty strategy needs to be in place. A restaurant loyalty program strategy is a roadmap for creating and launching a loyalty program that not only attracts customers but also keeps them engaged and loyal in the long term. It ensures that the program is well-aligned with your business objectives, is customer-centric, and provides clear, personalized value to your guests. By crafting and adhering to a well-thought-out loyalty strategy, you increase the likelihood of your loyalty program becoming a powerful tool for customer retention and increasing overall customer satisfaction.

A great example of a successful QSR loyalty program is Jack’s Family Restaurants. Over the years, Jack’s has been able to establish a successful loyalty strategy, while continually enhancing their guests’ ordering and dining experiences.

Punchh Loyalty Experts Help Drive Strategy

As a fast-growing southern QSR brand, Jack’s Family Restaurants identified the need to create a rewarding digital experience for their guests, gain deeper visibility into their metrics and insights, as well as continue to build out brand awareness and increase sales.

A key component to the success of Jack’s loyalty program is the partnership with their Punchh Customer Success Manager. Their CSM is loyalty expert and acts as an extension of their team, guiding each step of the way from establishing their goals and KPIs alongside continuous check-ins and regular reviews.  “We move into everything very confidently because of the guidance we receive from our CSM along the way,” said De Campos.

Integrated with their existing SICOM POS and Onosys Online Ordering, the Punchh platform provides comprehensive, real-time insights about their customers’ behaviors and allows Jack’s to engage with guests at every touchpoint. “Punchh is helping us elevate the guest experience because it enables us to deliver customized rewards for our customers,” said De Campos.

Loyalty now occurs both in-store and digitally across various touchpoints. As a brand if you create personalized offers and deliver promotions more relevant to your customers’ preferences and behaviors, you will continue to grow their loyalty to your brand. A successful implementation of a customer loyalty program can help to elevate your customers overall experience and increase guest frequency.

To learn more about Jack’s Family Restaurants’ successful loyalty program, read the case study now!

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