How Big Brands are Delivering 25x the Loyalty Gains by Integrating Punchh & Attentive

By: Brittany Maroney


Gone are the days when just simply having an eClub was enough to engage your customers, generate retention and drive sales. The customers of today are much more evolved, one would even say complex in their needs. They are mobile super-users, know the value of their loyalty, and are searching for brands to stand out when it comes to attracting them to a dining experience. This new mobile-savvy audience wants choices when it comes to engagement, and while concepts still have to be careful not to isolate more traditional customers, they also need to appeal to users through new lower friction channels, like SMS. Solutions that engage them in real-time, from the palm of their hand. 

Attentive, a proven leader in text marketing is partnering with Punchh, the premier loyalty, offers and engagement solution to bring brands into the future of text offers by delivering solutions that break down previous barriers for brands. The Attentive and Punchh integration offers marketing teams the capability to grow new loyalty user acquisition by expanding their communication channels and cultivating a more robust loyalty ecosystem for their diners. Drive guest engagement by utilizing your loyalty insights and target customers in real-time, on their mobile devices. Expand your reach and drive sales, while simultaneously personalizing offers to your customer base. 


With Attentive’s best-in-class personalized mobile messaging platform, restaurant operators will be able to leverage the full capability of their existing Punchh loyalty and engagement platform to deliver personalized messages on the go. Not only will your brand be able to activate across a whole new medium of communication, but you’ll also have a more integrated customer experience, capturing your guests wherever they are in the consumer lifecycle. Best of all, the Punchh and Attentive loyalty integration provides more flexibility in terms of messaging and offer engagement, including:

  • Triggered Messages- unlock new revenue with behavior-based messaging
  • Transactional Messages- send timely order updates to keep customers informed
  • Campaign Messages- drive 25% CTRs by engaging segmented customer groups
  • Customer Service- integrated CX apps to drive repeat purchases and loyalty


Once customers are engaged with the brand through their mobile devices, restaurants can use mobile messaging to drive app downloads from their loyalists. Using mobile wallets and text messaging to engage guests increases the likelihood of eventual app downloads that lead to the potential for more advanced outreach, such as adoption of  ordering ahead or location-based, targeted promotions. Additionally, SMS provides a more personalized and often customizable touch over outdated communication vehicles like eClubs, resulting in higher brand loyalty and customer retention rates. 

Brands large and small are growing their sales and loyalty following using Punchh and Attentive. Now is the time to capitalize on your existing loyalty following and offer the personalized and customizable SMS services that your customers crave. But don’t take our word for it! Here are a few of our satisfied customers, thrilled with how the Attentive and Punchh integration has allowed them to grow and drive more engagement, within their loyalty program.

Jason’s Deli

 Serving up fresh mobile offers, Jason’s Deli uses text messaging to directly connect with diners—creating a new, top-performing revenue channel that drives both acquisition and retention. Implementing text messaging has allowed them to drive more engagement from their customers and higher conversion rates, resulting from getting the right messages to the right people, and they’re taking action.

Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box uses geo-targeting to send relevant (and sometimes, limited-time) offers to local audiences resulting in 200% subscriber growth (over six months) and 31.5% average coupon redemption rate on welcome messages. The team reports, “Our text program consistently outperforms email when it comes to driving immediate revenue results. We couldn’t be happier working with the Attentive team—their expertise in the space is unmatched.”

TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday uses Attentive and Punchh to drive opt-ins for their rewards program and reward their loyal mobile diners with VIP perks. They started with a goal to gather as many SMS subscribers as they could from existing loyalty members. Thanks to their top-rated loyalty program, they doubled the number of subscribers for text within the first month and had a 62% loyalty program increase. 

To learn more about the Punchh & Attentive integrated partnership, contact your Punchh customer service representative, or you can contact us for more reasons why brands of all sizes trust the Punchh Loyalty, Offers & Engagement Platform.

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