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By: Punchh


When Punchh launched in 2011, the application behind the Punchh Marketing Cloud ran on a single virtual private server on the Linode cloud. In 2014, Punchh decided to modernize the application to simplify scaling by moving to microservices. Punchh migrated its application from Linode to the AWS Cloud in a couple of weeks.

Punchh began creating containers to manage the microservices infrastructure for its application. It used Docker containers running on the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) container orchestration service. “With Amazon ECS, our application is highly elastic and can handle peak periods such as at the start of each day when we launch campaigns, as well as during lunch and dinner, when people are checking the value of their loyalty points and maybe redeeming them against a meal.” says Aditya Sanghi, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Punchh.

Thanks to the microservices infrastructure and Amazon ECS, Punchh can now onboard new customers for its Punchh Marketing Cloud service within a day.

Since migrating to AWS, Punchh has seen revenues increase by 100 percent per annum. Punchh helps retailers and restaurants, including eight of the world’s top-20 restaurant chains, maximize the CLVs of approximately 70 million customers. We support more than 170 mobile apps, and the AWS infrastructure behind the service is processing around 3 billion API calls a month. Sanghi says, “We are looking to expand and attract customers thanks to the scalability of our AWS infrastructure.”

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