HTeaO is a Texas-based, iced tea powerhouse, offering 24 flavors of sweetened and unsweetened teas made from the freshest ingredients. They provide ultra-premium tea, water, and related products in a fun environment in 48 mostly free-standing locations with drive-thrus.

Looking to position their niche concept for continued success and strategic expansion in 2021, HTeaO launched a customized Punchh Restaurant Loyalty Program to drive customer acquisition and retention. As HTeaO’s Chief Marketing Officer, Spencer Perkins, explains, their previous punch-card type system wasn’t allowing them to communicate with their customers or providing them with any guest data and insights. They needed a way to get to know their customers better and ultimately be able to create a better customer experience.

“The Punchh platform allows our loyalty program to be so much more than just a discount tool. It’s the lifeline to our guests,” said Spencer. “We have the ability to understand our customers’ behaviors and break through the noise to reach them with relevant messages that enhance their everyday interactions with our brand.”

Making the Connection Between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty

Having two-way communication is of utmost importance to the brand, as HTeaO customers are asked to provide feedback in the mobile app after every transaction. HTeaO understands the value of learning how their operations are running, including how their team is fulfilling orders and servicing their guests in order to keep their focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

Uncovering the right insights helps HTeaO make quick, feedback-driven decisions that continually improve their products and services. For example, to take pressure off locations during the holidays, HTeaO’s rewards app has become the go-to communication tool to provide guests with the convenience of a pre-order form to purchase their favorite flavored ice tea to share during their celebrations.

Utilizing Platform to Deliver Rewarding Campaigns and Experiences

HTeaO strategically launches everything from new cup sizes to new flavors through the mobile app to loyalty members. This saves the brand advertising dollars and maintains a lower marketing cost for franchisees, while offering HTeaO a method to track campaign effectiveness. And in 2021, their creative and timely campaigns achieved consistently high conversion rates at 52% Q1, 46% Q2, and 36% Q3. It also earned them “Most Innovative Brand” at the 2022 Franchise YoungConference.

Furthermore, their engaging marketing and social strategies grew their participation rate with performances across Q2-Q4 of 19.36%, 24.66%, and 29.28% for each respective quarter, well above the QSR benchmark. Spencer and his team completed the Punchh Platform certification training, which he believes has contributed to these accomplishments and positions his small team for future growth and success.