Create and target dynamic customer profiles with real-time marketing offers that drive omnichannel engagement and rapidly convert first-time consumers into valued customers. Drive participation and redemption with easy identity resolution, automated customer segmentation and campaign execution via email, SMS, push notifications and rich messages.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Plan, manage, execute, and gain insights into your campaigns with a single, integrated loyalty and engagement platform.

Acquire Customers Faster
Acquire Customers Faster

Eliminate complexity and quickly create campaigns to deliver dynamic integrated offers that attract and retain customers.

Build Customer Relationships
Build Customer Relationships

Easily deliver automated customer journeys using behavior and event-based triggers that keep customers engaged with your brand.

Trusted By Over 250 Global Brands
Punchh Campaigns Deliver
Customer Acquisition
  • List Management
    • Import and manage marketing lists via easy file uploads, 3rd party integrations, and online forms
  • Acquire Customers
    • Capture new customers with in-store and online channels including POS-based bounceback offers, WiFi & Apple Pay
Marketing Automation
  • Customer Segmentation & Omnichannel Campaign Delivery
    • Leverage real-time customer segmentation to deliver automated campaigns via email, SMS, push notifications and rich messages
  • Local Store Marketing
    • Capitalize on advanced franchise controls to deliver targeted local store marketing
Integrated Offers
  • Single & Multi-use Incentives
    • Create multi-use, generic promotions or unique, single-use trackable coupons
  • Bounceback Offers
    • Create POS-based bounceback offers that turn anonymous visitors into known customers
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