The Power of Natively Integrated Digital Ordering and Loyalty Rewards

By: Melissa Canellis


We’re excited to announce the native integration between our Punchh loyalty and engagement solution and MENU omnichannel ordering solution, expanding our unified commerce capabilities.

As brands deal with the ever-growing complexity of operating their restaurants in addition to meeting their customers’ ever-changing preferences, restaurant technology continues to play a pivotal role in their success. Digital ordering is one of the main solutions that has evolved from a nice-to-have to an absolute must-have for every restaurant segment.

In fact, recent research shows that 40% of consumers now prefer to place their orders for takeout and delivery from a restaurant’s app or website. Additionally, customers continue to emphasize the importance of quality as 60% say they are unlikely to accept lesser quality meals when ordering takeout food, according to Deloitte’s The Future of Restaurants: The New Normal and Beyond study. Having the right systems in place that play well together and streamline the exchange of data has become synonymous with a restaurant’s success.

Both MENU and Punchh empower restaurants to tackle some of the industrys most complicated challenges and together drive a consistent, digital ordering and rewards experience every time.

The MENU digital restaurant ecosystem offers an advanced restaurant ecommerce platform, including integrated omnichannel digital ordering apps (mobile, web and kiosk) to maximize restaurant business. Extended with MENU Dispatch and MENU Link to manage all third-party channels from a single backend, the MENU ecosystem provides an all-in-one cloud solution for all customer touchpoints. 

Punchh provides brands with a single, AI-powered platform for creating retention and loyalty experiences. With Punchh, restaurants can create smooth, seamless experiences that span across all channels and touchpoints, fostering positive emotions, strengthening bonds, and establishing a deep sense of connectedness between the brand and its loyal customers. Punchh helps restaurants optimize workflow performance and enhance the customer experience through system integrations and automation.

Our newly announced native integration combines digital ordering from MENU with Punchhs loyalty offerings, enabling easy use of loyalty functionality within restaurant e-commerce. Guests can redeem rewards across web, mobile and kiosk ordering channels. Having solutions that seamlessly complement each other helps streamline order preparation and ensures data consistency across all order touchpoints. This provides restaurant operators with richer on and off-premise ordering and customer insights available from a single system. With MENU + Punchh, restaurant brands are getting more than just a digital ordering and loyalty integration.

The digital experience for restaurants today is disjointed. Restaurants couldnt get the unified data they need to create the best experience possible, and customers — who are expecting a seamless experience — often are let down by overpromising and underdelivering. But a unified experience solves both sides of the equation,” said PAR CEO Savneet Singh. Now natively connected, we are taking a significant step towards providing the experience both customers and restaurants have been seeking. Were ready to meet the customer where they are by providing a consistent and delightful experience at every interaction.”

The native integration between MENU and Punchh systems allows restaurants to keep customers engaged from the first touchpoint, resulting in more direct sales all while reducing the total cost of ownership. This integration will provide on and  off-premise ordering as well as customer insights in one system. Additional integration features include:

  • Ability to present enhanced upsell opportunities available to customers during the ordering flow which results in increased check size
  • Passwordless login experience for web and mobile app, eliminating the risk of credential stuffing
  • Collection and segmentation functionality of online and offline order feedback in the Punchh system, which informs machine learning sentiment analysis for further optimization of menu item upsell and cross-sell

Contact us today and learn more about how MENU and Punchh are better together!

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