Punchh Creates Loyalty Marketing Certification to Increase Customer Program Value

By: Melissa Canellis


Being a marketer in today’s environment of changing customer behaviors, high inflation and rising costs is more challenging than ever before. Building a lovable brand requires a comprehensive strategy with tactics and campaigns designed across a range of channels. 

Done right, digital marketing has the power to create lasting customer relationships that boost the bottom line. It drives brand loyalty, provides customer data on preferences and behaviors and delivers a consistent identity to the marketplace about your business. Plus, according to Incisiv’s 2022 Loyalty Maturity Benchmark Research Report digital is the starting point for over 85% of customers. Digital engagement is reaching an all-time high and requires a new level of commitment and creativity to inspire customer loyalty.

Get a Sneak Peek of the NEW Loyalty Marketing Certification Program

An important part of a brand’s digital marketing strategy is their loyalty program. Customized loyalty programs move beyond the one-size fits all approach and give brands the ability to incentivize customers to return and participate with them in multiple ways. Having the capabilities necessary to nurture customers and deliver personalized messages and experiences is crucial to a brand’s success.

$26 Average monthly spend lift for brands that demonstrate loyalty to their customers (Bond 2022)

That’s why for the past couple of years, Punchh customers have had regular access to marketing strategy webinars focused on a variety of topics around growing and engaging their loyalty program members. 

Today, Punchh is excited to announce a new learning experience for our current and future customers. The Punchh Loyalty Marketing Certification is a collection of courses to help you get the most out of your loyalty program. It’s available exclusively for Punchh Customers through Punchh University.

The Loyalty Marketing Certification program condenses the most important and common strategies that make loyalty programs successful, so marketers can learn how to take their program to the next level in a comprehensive one-stop place.

The original Punchh Platform Certification continues to provide customers with the education they need to become familiar with the Punchh Platform. Now the Loyalty Marketing Certification walks through how to apply your knowledge of the Punchh Platform to meet your loyalty program goals. We believe in empowering our customers to not only know how to use the Punchh Platform, but how to be successful with this tool they’ve invested in. 

The Loyalty Marketing Certification covers marketing strategies and tactics specific to loyalty programs. From acquiring new members all the way to turning them into brand advocates. Everything covered is achievable directly inside the Punchh Platform. After each course is completed, marketers can download a playbook with helpful tips and tricks for how to put these strategies to work for your brand. Build your marketing reference library with over 200 pages of verified loyalty program information and inspiration. 

The Loyalty Marketing Certification consists of 10 courses and takes about three hours to complete. Punchh University will save the progress of learners along the way, so it doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting. 

The Punchh Loyalty Marketing Certification content is centered around the new Punchh Loyalty Marketing Pillars, which cover Personalization, Acquisition, Engagement, Retention, Advocacy and Performance Optimization. When learners complete the Punchh Loyalty Marketing Certification, they’ll receive a Certificate they can share on Linkedin with industry colleagues. 

Punchh Customers can get started today! Access the Punchh Platform and click on the Graduation Cap icon in the top right corner. Once in Punchh University, you’ll find the certification under Learning Paths. Not a customer yet? Schedule a free demo for the Punchh Platform now!

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