Free Omnichannel Marketing Training Course by Punchh

By: Melissa Canellis


Punchh University Certificate 2021Omnichannel marketing continues to evolve with the introduction of new technologies and AI, along with consumers’ growing expectations for easy, highly personalized customer experiences. As a result, marketers who want to remain at the forefront of innovation and succeed in an era of elevated customer experiences must keep an eye on new digital marketing trends and tools to further enhance their cutting-edge skill sets.

To help our clients’ marketers succeed, Punchh recently developed and launched a free Platform Certification Program. While the certification process is an investment of time and resources, it helps provide recognition for a marketer’s specialized knowledge about Punchh’s platform and tools. The certification also demonstrates a marketer’s dedication and motivation, in addition to their technical knowledge of the platform.

The 14-course program takes marketers approximately seven hours to complete and provides engaging video instruction on how to navigate the Punchh Platform, create the components and customer segments to build offers, and how to attach offers to all campaign types. More information to help digital marketers create automated customer journeys from the Punchh Platform is available at Maximize Your Resources with Digital Customer Journeys.

Participants also take a dive deep into guest relations’ features, which include learning how to review feedback left by their guests inside the mobile app and how to reply to guests. Lastly, a thorough understanding of data analytics is covered with step-by-step instructions for creating detailed reports that tie platform metrics to a brand’s KPIs.

Marketers will benefit from completing the Punchh Platform Certification Program by:

  • Gaining a competitive advantage – differentiate yourself from other professionals in your field
  • Increasing efficiency – help your brand quickly see how loyalty offers & campaigns deliver sales and ROI
  • Expanding knowledge & skills – acquire new & updated tools and strategies for delivering results through a data-driven approach
  • Building professional credibility – boost awareness of your business accomplishment by sharing your Punchh badge on LinkedIn

Get ahead in the digital marketing space and become a Punchh Certified Platform user. Learn more about our platform and certification program. For current Punchh marketers follow the steps below to begin the certification process. 

Accessing Punchh Platform Certification via Punchh University:

  • Log into the Punchh Platform and navigate to Punchh University by clicking on the graduation icon
  • Under ‘My Courses’ click ‘Learning Path’ and launch the Punchh Platform Certification program

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