Don’t be Limited by Your Loyalty Offerings: Introducing the New Punchh Loyalty Consulting Services

By: Brittany Maroney


You don’t have to be an expert marketer to understand that customer loyalty is critical to a brand’s foundation for growth. The advantages of a strong base of active customers are numerous, including reducing overall customer acquisition costs, optimizing current relationships, increasing engagement, and driving frequency. 

Despite the advantages of investing in loyalty, many brands unintentionally drop the ball by crafting generic, out-of-the-box programs, or they simply fail to properly connect the dots between their loyalty program incentives and the motivators that drive desired customer behavior. An excellent loyalty program can actually be designed to improve customer retention and profitability while also supporting desired customer acquisition goals. It also can engage and inspire guests, connecting with them in a true 1:1 fashion—the goal of any great brand.

So, where can organizations go to get insight into how to effectively design the best strategy for their brand? Imagine as a marketer having access to industry-leading experts that help you evaluate your program goals and then provide you with insights on proven methodologies that enable you to uncover your program’s cumulative effects, ultimately improving your return on investment. It would be a dream come true.

Introducing Punchh’s new Loyalty Strategy packages. 

About Punchh Loyalty Program Consulting

Our goal is to help you inspire committed customer engagement and loyalty to intensify brand ROI. Whether we’re helping you to build a new program or revamp an existing one – retaining customers, increasing profits, and strengthening the engagement between you and your loyal customers. Trust the perfect mix of competence, experience, and marketing support technology with Punchh Loyalty Consulting.

About our Loyalty Strategy Department

The Punchh Loyalty Strategy department provides strategic consulting services for our customers, ultimately amplifying their efforts and ensuring the long-term success of their loyalty programs. When engagement is the name of the game, our strategic experts help you evaluate your program and goals, providing you with recommendations that help you craft an innovative and optimized program for your guests. 

Loyalty Strategy is just one part of our comprehensive suite of Customer Success offerings, supporting clients in the pre-sales, implementation, and post-launch phases.

What You Can Expect

Designing a loyalty program can be daunting. Our dedicated loyalty strategists work with you from day one to create a world-class program. 

Our loyalty strategy offerings include three distinct tiers that we offer to our customers. With access to a trained loyalty expert, you’ll be guided through loyalty evaluation, design, launch, optimization and be provided the tools to analyze and assess the success of your program. Don’t be left wondering if you have the right loyalty program in place. With Punchh Loyalty Consulting, you have the expertise and support on your side to implement the ultimate program for your guests. 

  • Loyalty Design: We support new customers by designing key aspects of a loyalty program, from program type to rewards to point thresholds, expirations, and initial campaigns. Select from three distinct tiers that you can choose from based on your brand needs.
    • Essentials: We custom design the customer’s base loyalty program and 3 initial launch campaigns utilizing best practices. 
    • Premium: We dive deeper into the design of a loyalty program, layering in gamification and brand soft benefits, industry benchmarking, and competitive analysis
    • Platinum: We include all Essentials and Premium benefits and include additional items to get buy-in for loyalty, including a Loyalty Program ROI, Stakeholder Interviews and a Franchise Buy-In Kit.
  • Loyalty Optimization: We support post-launch customers who have been live for at least one year with an ongoing loyalty strategy. One annual package consists of 4 quarters of loyalty strategy and includes a program diagnosis, strategic blueprint, and up to 12 campaign briefs quarterly. This can be paired with Managed Services for a turnkey loyalty services offering.
  • Loyalty Restructure: We support post-launch customers who may be revisiting their loyalty structure, typically 3-5 years after the launch of their last structure. We dive into their current program data, identify areas for improvement, and ideate a new best-in-class program for them

Together, we can create a winning loyalty program for your brand, one that rewards your most loyal customers. Want to learn more about our strategy consulting services or looking to redesign your current loyalty program? Try a free demo of our Loyalty Strategy Services or connect with your Customer Service Manager for more information. 

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