When No News Is Bad News: Why Feedback Is Critical to Customer Loyalty

By: Lori Stout


Think back to the last time you had a less-than-optimal customer experience. Maybe it was an incorrect drive-thru order or an impolite employee. Did you stop what you were doing to relay your displeasure to the brand, or did you just stifle your righteous indignation and get on with your day? 

Now–think about the last time you had a great experience. Your order was correct, and you were greeted with a smile–did you contact the brand to let them know? For most people, the answer in both cases is “no.” Even though research shows that 77% of consumers view brands more favorably if they seek out and apply customer feedback, it’s often difficult to provide that feedback in a fast or frictionless way, so it never gets shared by the consumer back to the brand.

So why does it matter? 

Restaurants and retailers that focus on exceptional customer experience earn almost six times more revenue than those that don’t make CX a priority. So when it comes to customer experience, no news is actually bad news. As a leader, wouldn’t you want to know if your team isn’t fulfilling orders correctly or if you had an opportunity to coach a team member on how to deliver a better experience? And on the flip side, if you have a store location that prides itself on excellence and friendly customer service, you would certainly want to know so that you could reward that team and apply their best practices to locations that aren’t performing as well. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to bringing profitable integrations and partnerships to our customers, Punchh is excited to announce an integration with Tattle, an innovator in the customer experience improvement category. Tattle collects guest feedback across specific categories to help brands analyze and improve their customer experience. And with this integration between Tattle and Punchh, brands have a complete picture of guest transaction and behavioral patterns, which allows both Punchh and Tattle to elevate a frictionless feedback experience for each customer that interacts with you. 

This unique connection between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty gives team members the data they need to boost positive guest sentiment, driving higher sales and transactions.

All guests that check-in or redeem a reward at a participating restaurant that uses Punchh will be sent an automated survey from Tattle, pre-installed with unique transaction data such as store location, time of day, and email address. When surveys are automatic, pre-populated, and top of mind, your guests are far more likely to engage with them. Completed surveys are then broken down by location to identify specific, actionable areas where improvements to the customer experience can be made. Use this integrated approach to customer feedback and digital loyalty to:

  • Extend hospitality beyond your physical stores to engage and retain customers
  • Eliminate siloed feedback for a 360-view of the customer experience
  • Drive engagement with automated survey distribution
  • Increase performance of core KPIs 
  • Ensure high survey completion rates with pre-populated transaction data
  • Identify high-impact areas for quick improvements 
  • Realize faster time-to-value with a frictionless, webhooks-enabled integration

Ready to uncover the right insights to help you make fast, feedback-driven decisions? Contact one of our loyalty experts today for a personalized demo or to learn more. 

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