Customer Segmentation 2.0: How to Do It More Efficiently

By: Lori Stout


Anyone who has ever played a game of darts knows how challenging it can be to hit a bullseye. Even harder–hitting the coveted, high-value “Triple 20,” the small red spot halfway between the number 20 and the bullseye where you earn the maximum points per dart. Sure, it might be easier to close your eyes, hope for the best, and throw–but the odds are high that you won’t be lucky enough to hit your intended mark with that approach.

Loyalty marketing works in much the same way. The brands who launch campaigns with their eyes wide open and firmly set on a specific target are the brands who reach the right audience, at the right time, and with the right offer to drive positive buying behaviors and create a better customer experience and higher CLV. 

But how do you create complex customer segments without…the complexity? Read on to learn how a modern segment building solution will help you hit your marketing bullseye.

Better segmentation means better results

Have you ever gotten an email offer that was so far off base from your personal preferences that you thought it must be a joke? Maybe you’ve ordered the same vegetarian meal every week for the past three years, and suddenly you’re getting an email for surf and turf specials. From a consumer viewpoint, you likely felt that the brand that sent it didn’t know you at all or appreciate your investment in them. And if that’s the case, why should you keep spending your money with a company that hasn’t taken the time to learn your preferences and purchasing history? 

As a marketer, however, you can sympathize all too well with how complicated and time-consuming it can be to get to the right level of data you need to target the audience you want to reach. Until now, it has been challenging for marketers to combine and iterate on customer segments to drill down into the level of personalization they need to create a truly unique customer experience. But with the introduction of modern segmentation builders like Punchh Segments, you can now view, create, and combine complex customer segments in an intuitive, all-in-one flow and with nearly limitless levels of personalization. And the best news? You can do it all in just a few clicks and a fraction of the time.

As a representative of your brand, you have a unique opportunity to show your customers that you know and appreciate them through unique offers that reflect their demographic, psychographic, and behavioral profiles.

Hit the mark with every campaign

Punchh Segments is designed for marketers, offering a single, intuitive interface that you can open and start using in seconds–no technical training required. Use Punchh Segments to:

  • Create, modify, duplicate, export, and delete segments from within a single dashboard
  • Mark segments as favorites for repeat use
  • Filter list by favorites for easy identification
  • Calculate segment size with a single click at any point in the building process
  • Define new segments and add or remove attributes and rules with ease
  • Utilize “and/or/not including” operator language to create multi-attribute segments that drive focused campaign results
  • Filter search results live as you start typing…and more

Create complex segments to meet specialized use cases

With over 50 segment starting points and attributes to choose from, you can drill down into the level of detail you need to get the precise audience you want to target. Here are just a few of the use cases that Punchh Segments can deliver in just a few clicks:

  • Segment customers by combining transactional data such as check-ins with demographic data like birthday, age, gender, anniversary, and preferred locations 
  • Create a segment for guests who have made multiple visits and whose feedback sentiment is positive
  • Create a segment for a targeted campaign based on commonalities between the guest lists of two or more distinct segments
  • Segment guests based on location trails for guests who visit and purchase from multiple locations
  • Segment guests based on purchase activity at the fuel pump, sending them an offer that entices them to come inside the store

No more throwing darts and hoping they stick–better segmentation has arrived and is purpose-built to help you hit your “Triple 20” target with your marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about Punchh Segments and the Punchh Loyalty, Offers, and Engagement platform.

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