How to Build Successful Customer Relationships Through Data

By: Punchh


How to provide top notch experiences for customers is at the front of any successful business’ mind. To create a pleasurable customer experience, marketers must first know who their customers are, what they like, how they interact with the brand, and more. Without this information, businesses are in the dark and struggle to create relationships with key customers.

Brands can struggle with gathering data from every customer touchpoint. It’s no secret that missing data leads to inaccurate results. Without information on customer’s in-store and online behaviors, marketers aren’t delivering data-driven offers and experiences that customers value.

Once a business can understand their customers preferences and behaviors, they can provide offers tailored to them. When a customer receives a personalized offer, they feel connected to the brand and their relationship starts to grow. As customer relationships become stronger, a business sees an increase in spend, recency, and frequency.

With a dynamic loyalty program, brands can fully deliver on the customer experience. They can connect with customers in-store and online, send them relevant offers at the best times, and connect with them seamlessly. B.GOOD understood the need to provide the best possible guest experience to beat out their competition, but didn’t feel like they were delivering with their old loyalty program.

Since moving to Punchh, B.GOOD has been able to form better relationships with their customers. They have moved away from their old and confusing surprise and delight strategy, to a points based solution that is easier for customers to understand. Having the ability to look at daily metrics from their Punchh dashboard also allows B.GOOD to track guest behaviors and meet their marketing goals through more effective and efficient messaging and campaigns. This data helps them segment offers and to drive purchasing behavior that increases frequency, recency and spend. 

B.GOOD calls their relationship with Punchh a “true strategic partnership.” Learn more about how Punchh helps B.GOOD deliver high guest satisfaction with a transparent loyalty program here.

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