Genghis Grill Restaurant Case Study

By: Punchh


These days, most customers are heavily engaged by their mobile devices. Brands need to take note of this and start meeting customers where they are – on their phones. Without a mobile presence, brands are missing out on a key touchpoint with their customers. 

To create loyalty that captures dwindling attention spans, a digital first approach is needed. Having a mobile solution helps brands get directly in front of customers on their screens, by sending offers through SMS, email, and push notifications. These convenient means of delivering relevant offers sets brands on their way to actively engaging with their guests.

However, a mobile presence is not all it takes to turn customers into loyalists. Customers want seamless and meaningful digital and physical experiences. This means brands need to have an integrated systems approach so data can be gathered, tracked, and then developed into personalized in-store and online campaigns. 

Genghis Grill was experiencing several of these pain points, such as lacking a digital first solution and important system integrations that would help them deliver omnichannel loyalty. Due to this, they were not seeing much involvement from their 1.2 million loyalty members on their POS-based loyalty program. The program was cumbersome for customers and servers to use and the dashboard provided unclear data and limited visibility. To turn customers into loyalists, Genghis Grill needed to make it easy for customers to redeem and earn rewards across every touchpoint and channel, in-store and online. They also needed deep customer insights to personalize each customer’s experience. 

Genghis Grill was ready for a mobile-first loyalty solution that could provide data-driven customer insights, increase guest visit frequency, and deliver multi-channel loyalty promotions. 

To accomplish these goals, Genghis Grill switched to Punchh in 2018. We successfully migrated all of their loyalty members onto our platform. Our best-in-class integrations and extensive ecosystem of omnichannel partners made the integrations process easy between the Punchh Platform and their POS, SSO, online ordering, and payment systems, according to Blake Johnson, Mongolian Concepts’ Director of Marketing

Since switching to Punchh, Genghis Grill has seen amazing results, including their fifth straight quarter of positive sales growth. They feel well-positioned to continue learning from their data and delivering on key metrics. 

Doug Willmarth, CMO of Mongolian Concepts had this to share, “Punchh’s platform provides our team with all the tools that we need to improve our one-to-one marketing and deliver a seamless digital experience. Partnering with Punchh has enabled us to build a cutting edge, known-customer marketing program.”

Learn more about how Genghis Grill successfully transitioned to Punchh and the next steps they’re taking, in personalization, to continue growing. Check out their inspiring case study.

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