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In an age where consumers are expecting to stay connected at all times, building an in-store digital strategy is key. In fact, Cisco found that more than 98% of consumers prefer to shop in stores with WiFi, and 78% would connect to the WiFi if it was offered.

Offering guest WiFi is not only a great way to give customers an added incentive for coming to your store and staying, but it’s also beneficial in gaining their loyalty.

Research consultants, IHL Group, conducted a study that measured the impact of in-store WiFi. Participants were representative of all retail sizes and types. The study showed impressive results including:

  • 21% reported an increase in customer dwell time in stores due to having in-store WiFi and
  • 28% of participants reported increased customer loyalty, with an associated 2% increase in sales, from deploying in-store WiFi

These results support the importance and need of in-store WiFi.

Punchh already offers seamless guest experiences at the point of sale. By adding WiFi as a new channel, we empower brands to provide omnichannel interactions that bridge the physical and digital worlds. Building this bridge means you have more opportunities to engage your customers even when they are away from your store, by capturing their information to send them targeted offers, making them feel valued and growing their loyalty.

By using Punchh’s WiFi Marketing solution, you’re acquiring the most qualified leads you have access to – in-store visitors. In the past, you could only capture your POS customers, but now you can see all visitors. From here, you can easily grow your email lists and loyalty subscription base, deliver personalized offers, and route in-store guests to marketing websites and promotions of interest.

WiFi marketing is one way to acquire new customers and turn them into guests for life. Ready to implement WiFi marketing? Contact us today.

Vivek Jayan is a Product Manager at Punchh who is passionate about equipping brick and mortar brands with the tools they need to compete in a digital age. He has a background in Nanotechnology, Biomedical Technology, and SaaS. In his free time he enjoys hiking and playing basketball.

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