Convenience Stores Need to Use One Digital Platform For Customer Acquisition, Customer Loyalty, and Marketing

By: Punchh


Convenience stores have had to evolve along with rapidly changing consumer preferences and expectations to meet their demand for delightful and omnichannel experiences. Many people today use mobile apps to locate your gas station or scan a digital coupon at the POS. A majority of customers who purchase gas, pay at the pump and do not make a trip to the store. According to the National Association of Convenience stores, c-stores now see one less trip per customer per week than five years ago. That’s why c-stores need to leverage marketing technology designed to make it easy for their internal teams to:

Convenience stores need to be able to rely on platforms that provide all the tools they need to identify customers, collect purchase and engagement data, predict future behavior, and automate the process of generating and sending offers. There are a lot of moving pieces at play, from CRM to analytics to marketing automation. But there’s also machine learning and artificial intelligence—and these advanced technologies are set to explode in the months and years to come.

The Punchh Solution

The Punchh Marketing Platform does it all. You can design customer journeys and optimized experiences for all channels, administer programs, users, stores, franchisees, and access control, manage customer data and/or export to third-party data repositories and analytics tools, and monitor system performance, scalability, and availability. Because everything is contained within one easy-to-use platform, marketers are better able to clearly and simply engage customers, predict behaviors, and execute successful campaigns.

To learn more about the tools necessary to build loyal customers, download our ‘Top 5 Customer Experience Trends for Convenience Stores’ resource’.

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