Using Customer Data & Loyalty Marketing for ROI

By: Punchh


Marketers have a tough job today driving business results in an environment of complexity and constant change. Working to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all channels and touchpoints has risen to the top of their list, along with the recognition that understanding customer data and analytics is the key to helping them achieve this goal.

This means in 2019, marketers must learn to grow their analytics’ maturity and agility to leverage multichannel interactions and predict behavior. To help with the challenge, the recent Gartner Marketing Symposium/XPO™ 2019 in San Diego offered an opportunity to gain further insights and solutions to grow customer engagement and manage customer data.

Gartner’s Sr. Director Analyst, Ben Bloom presented Building Your CDP – Customer Data Proficiency, providing a look at how marketers can utilize technology to build data proficiency and help their teams reach peak marketing performance. Acknowledging that most businesses today have multiple streams of data and data sources they must contend with, the session included key takeaways on the importance of utilizing technology to understand customer data in a more harmonious approach that is driven by use cases.

Focusing on use cases for integrated customer data allows marketers to execute differentiated customer engagement strategies. Specifically, Bloom notes several key capabilities necessary for building marketing customer data proficiency that will allow for the right data to be used for the right customer at the right time to reduce costs and drive revenue growth:

     • Advanced analytics. Understand high-level customer propensities utilizing sophisticated AI/ML predictive models to measure and anticipate customer behavior

• Multidimensional segmentation. Based on a comprehensive understanding of behavioral characteristics and transactional analytics like customer lifetime value, construct micro-customer segments for profile-based targeting

• Personalization. Learn, understand and deliver offers based on what customers need and want.

Collecting, tracking, analyzing and applying data to differentiate how customers are engaged across channels is a vital challenge that marketers need to overcome. Today’s environment requires utilizing real-time data to support more informed customer interaction decisions across the enterprise. Contact us to learn how Punchh harnesses cloud-based technology to collect, enrich, and optimize valuable customer information across physical and digital channels to personalize and accelerate seamless customer experiences.

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