Webinar Archive: How MOOYAH Increased Loyalty Sales by 24% YOY

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Restaurants are challenged to keep guests connected and drive sales during the various stages of COVID-19. Customer loyalty programs play an important role in helping brands deliver guest engagement and in creating a frictionless & safe experience.

Enjoy this 30-minute discussion with Tiffany Myers, MOOYAH’s Director of Brand Creative, as she highlights how their customer loyalty solution has enabled them to:

  • Create a unified digital presence through integration with their POS (Brink), Online ordering (Olo) and payment systems
  • Execute personalized campaigns that increased loyalty AOV by 24% by leveraging customer preferences and behaviors
  • Significantly increase loyalty signups by moving their in-store fundraising online
  • Leverage their branded mobile app for ordering, contactless payment, and communications


Tiffany Meyers, Director of Brand Creative @MOOYAH

Tiffany Meyers, Director of Brand Creative, MOOYAH

Don Wight, CRO, Punchh

Don Wight, CRO, Punchh