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Finding growth in today’s dynamic market takes the right tools and the right partnerships. In 2013, anticipating rapid brand growth, MAD Greens needed to replace its previous legacy POS system with a modern cloud-based solution to manage the growing business. The legacy terminal was incapable of supporting the growth MAD Greens desired, lacked enterprise capabilities, and was not very affordable for a smaller business at the time. MAD Greens turned to PAR Technology and implemented PAR Brink POS, PAR Pay, and PAR Punchh.

Since implementation, the brand has tripled in size with locations in the Arizona, Colorado, and Texas markets. Tune into our latest webinar as Nick D’Antonio, Vice President of IT at Salad Collective, discusses why MAD Greens left its legacy POS in the dust for PAR Brink POS and how it has supported growth, and learn more about:

  • Why they transitioned from a legacy to a modern cloud-based system
  • How Brink’s scalability has supported growth
  • How the PAR platform enables data driven decision-making
  • Key features and capabilities leveraged throughout operations

Featured Speakers​
Nick D’Antonio
Vice President of IT
Salad Collective

Saumya Karki
Director of Marketing

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