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Have you recently found yourself bombarded with a sea of buzzwords and trends? Unsure about which ones can hold long-term significance for your brand and which are merely driven by temporary hype? Look no further! Watch as Marlon Koch, VP of Product for MENU, Seth Hall, GTM SaaS Advisor for Plein Air and Tiffany Disher, General Manager of MENU cut through the noise and separate the digital trends that will bring ROI to your brand from the ones that are just fads.

Some of the digital trends discussed are:

  • Alternative Payment methods / Amazon palm payment, etc
  • Chatbot ordering / voice ordering
  • Automation, AI, and delivery drones
  • The metaverse in the restaurant industry
  • Dynamic pricing

Watch now to gain actionable insights from top industry
leaders and grow your restaurant business!

Featured Speakers

Tiffany Disher
General Manager

Marlon Koch
VP of Product

Seth Hall
GTM SaaS Advisor
Plein Air