Fundraiser to Support India During the COVID-19 Crisis

Punchh Foundation is supporting an India COVID-19 Crisis Fundraiser. We are contributing to two causes and in addition, matching every dollar donated by employees.

Feed the Hungry: Send them cooked food and grocery kits, one family at a time.

Donations will be made to charities that provide meals and non-perishable groceries to the most vulnerable to families struggling with poverty due to the pandemic. A $25 donation provides two meals a day for a family per week and $7 helps a family with non-perishable groceries like flour, rice, lentils per week.

Help low-income families, who have experienced a COVID death of a family member.

Give India will be initiating direct bank transfers to families of the deceased through their trusted NGO partners. Each bereaved family will receive a one-time humanitarian cash support of ₹30,000 ($400) to help with living expenses. This will help bereaved urban families with monthly expenses for two months and cover three months expenses for families living in rural areas.

Please donate:

Donate funds through the Punchh Foundation GoFundMe page.

**Punchh Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All charitable contributions made to Punchh Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.