Punchh contactless payment integration offers PayPal and Venmo’s vast network of active users a secure and contactless way to pay – both in-store and at the drive-thru. Loyalty and non-loyalty customers alike can choose their preferred funding source and checkout in seconds, using a simple QR code and without exchanging cards or cash. And when using the brand’s mobile app, loyalty guests can seamlessly earn, redeem, and pay – all in a single scan.

Offer a safe and convenient payment option within a familiar merchant app experience
Deploy a trusted contactless payment option quickly, without the need for cumbersome near-field communications integrations
Enable seamless loyalty-integrated payments anywhere, including in-store and drive-through
Leverage the reach of the PayPal and Venmo user base to acquire new customers through the convenience of additional payment options

Give Your Customers Contactless In-person Payment Options