Drive customer lifetime value across your entire customer base

Go beyond just retention and drive customer lifetime value with Punchh’s Customer Growth solution. Through a combination of technology and services, Punchh enables brands to surprise and delight guests with compelling and seamless customer experiences that doesn’t just capture their loyalty, but increases visit frequency and wallet-share.

Punchh Loyalty

Increase guest frequency and spend by using the best-in-class Punchh Loyalty platform. 

Key Features

  • Flexible program structures (visit based, points based, membership level, etc…)
  • Omnichannel integrations enable customers to earn and redeem loyalty points and rewards across all engagement and ordering channels
Punchh Loyalty Programs

Punchh Referrals

Turn every guest into a brand evangelist and take word-of-mouth marketing to a whole new level. Punchh’s proprietary Social Referral technology enables brands to attribute new guest check-ins to specific customers by analyzing their social networks, allowing them to incentivize and reward guests for sharing their love for your brand to their networks.

Key Features

  • Proprietary Social Referral technology that attributes guest check-ins to specific customers
  • Create special customer rewards for attributed guest referrals
  • Full featured traditional (explicit) referral program support
Punchh Referrals

Punchh eCommerce

Enable seamless ordering experiences across any channel . Integrate with leading online ordering providers using Punchh’s unique Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, enabling customers to earn loyalty points and redeem banked rewards or campaign across mobile and online orders.

Key Features

  • Integration with leading online order platforms
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) capability that allows you to match any customer with any order across all channels
  • Loyalty and special offers integration for seamless redemption of rewards, coupons, and promos
Punchh eCommerce

Punchh Omnichannel Integration

Engage consumers seamlessly across any channel any time. Punchh's omnichannel integration enable brands to deploy the same unified approach to customer engagement across all interactions, from loyalty, offers, ordering, payments, referrals, reviews, social, surveys, to gaming.

Key Features

  • Omnichannel integration across websites, mobile experience, kiosks, points of sale, and chatbots
  • Robust suite of tools such as mobile SDKs, website iFrames, and integration kits for kiosks and POS’s
  • Centralized dashboard for the managing and optimizing experiences across all channels
Punchh Omnichannel Integrations

Punchh Payments Integration

Create seamless payment experiences that make it both delightful and effortless for your customers to purchase from your brand, whether it is at the counter, in-app, or through mobile payments. Punchh's payments solutions also provide integration with leading gift card processors, enabling to make your gift cards digital, mobile, and social.

Key Features

  • Integrations with a wide range of payment gateways and credit card processors
  • Mobile payments via Apple pay and Google Pay
  • Integration with leading gift card processors
Punchh Payments

Punchh Feedback & Surveys

Get invaluable feedback from your guests and boost engagement with Punchh's Feedback & Reviews features. Capture, analyze and respond to customer sentiment in real-time to deliver the personalized engagements that builds customer loyalty.

Key Features

  • Capture feedback and reviews or administer surveys with precise guest segment targeting
  • Complete social sharing features, allowing your customers to share their positive experiences with your brand to their networks
  • Automated sentiment analysis with real-time alerts for negative feedback, enabling immediate winback responses
Punchh Feedback & Surveys

Punchh Campaign Management

Target the right customers with the right offer at the right moment, across any store, segment, and channel. With Punchh, you can configure and launch precisely targeted campaigns within minutes, measure results in real-time, and flexibly manage them on the fly to accelerate outcomes.

Key Features

  • Speed and flexibility across campaign configuration, deployment, monitoring and management
  • Sophisticated segmentation based on hundreds of customer attributes with support for both static and dynamic segments
  • Robust campaign administration and optimization tools such as AB testing
  • Rich library of prebuilt best practice campaigns that are easily customized
Punchh Campaign Management

Punchh Customer Relationship Management & Guest Analytics

From visit frequency and spend, to offer redemption rates and SKU preferences, get a full 360º view of each individual guest and get the insights you need to build customer loyalty and lifetime value. CRM is a core component of the Punchh platform, with deep integrations into every engagement channel and mechanism, automatically capturing guest insights with every customer interaction.

Key Features

  • POS integration for real-time data capture
  • In depth analytics into the each individual guest’s visit frequency, purchasing behaviour, offer redemption rates of each individual customer
  • Real-time reports on the impact of campaigns, programs, and channels on customer conversion rates
  • Intelligent data-driven segmentation based on hundreds of customer attributes
  • Easily exportable data for use in third party data analytics and visualizations tools.
Punchh CRM & Analytics

Punchh Offers Engine

Tailor compelling personalized offers that delight and engage customers. Punchh provides brands unparalleled flexibility in configuring coupons, promotions and other special rewards to drive their customer engagement strategies.

Key Features

  • Mass coupon and promo code generation with flexible offers configuration
  • Target individual guests or specific customer segments with configurable redemption mechanics and rules
  • Point of sale integration that allow you to track and measure offer redemption rates in real-time
Punchh Offers Engine

Punchh Games Development

Craft delightful and engaging customer experiences that stimulate visit and spend by gamifying brand interactions. Punchh develops branded mobile games that integrate with your campaign and loyalty programs, enabling guests to earn and redeem special rewards and offers.

Key Features

  • Custom branded mobile game development services
  • Deep integration with CRM, campaigns, and loyalty features, allowing for seamless redemption of rewards and offers earned via your game
  • Deploy a wide variety of games, from in-store sweepstakes to challenge based gamification
Punchh Games



Whether it’s traditional loyalty programs or innovative customer engagement interactions, Punchh’s flexibility and extensibility enables brands to craft the right customer experiences to drive their business goals.

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