Forbes: Why Some Restaurant Chains Are Ramping Up Their Loyalty Programs During This Crisis

When we think about loyalty, it’s not just the program. We’re thinking about the customer behind the scenes, the insights about those customers. Loyalty can give you insights across all channels about who your most valuable customers are and their patterns. If you’re a brand that delivers breakfast for example, then you know during this time, breakfast has been hit hard and customers are shifting their spending.

Sastry Penumarthy, Co-Founder & VP Strategy, Punchh

When the COVID-19 crisis hit the U.S., fast food chains abruptly shifted their business plans, moving operations to off-premise, adding safety measures like Plexiglas barriers and trimming their menus to simplify things.

A number of chains also ramped up their loyalty programs.

In an unprecedented environment with an uncertain end, loyalty may seem like a backburner priority. Many consumers even feel this way. According to recent data from Toast, guests in January reported that loyalty programs were “very important” to their restaurant experiences. Since, however, nearly one-third of guests mark loyalty programs as “not at all important.”