Cash in Big on a
Customer Referral

Get $5,000 if your referral becomes
a Punchh Customer

Refer a potential customer by submitting this form. Please inform your referral that a Punchh specialist will be contacting them shortly. If the potential customer you refer makes a purchase, you will receive a referral award of $5,000.

Program Terms:

  • Punchh will provide only one referral award per new customer. If a potential new customer is referred by more than one person, the first referrer will be the one rewarded if the customer purchases a Punchh solution.
  • The program is only open to individuals from a corporate/headquarters office, in a marketing, IT, or operations AND director-level or above position, in the restaurant, convenience store, or grocery industry.
  • A potential customer must have at least 21+ locations to qualify for a referral award.
  • Referrals for existing Punchh customers (including other brands owned by existing customers and new locations under the same or affiliated ownership) or those contacted by Punchh within 90 days of the date of referral shall not qualify for a referral award.
  • You may submit more than one referral. Punchh will pay a referral award for each separate referral of a new potential customer (multiple referrals for the same customer will only qualify as a single referral).
  • There is no limit in the amount of potential customers you may refer. In order to receive payment, the recipient of the referral award must provide Punchh with a W9. The referral award recipient is solely responsible for all taxes and withholdings.
  • Payment of the referral award is subject to and conditioned upon the new customer’s signing of a contract with Punchh [and the activation for the Punchh solution].
  • Punchh respects its customers’ policies and employment practices. Therefore, Punchh may condition participation in the program on approval by participant’s employer. Participant should obtain their employer’s permission to participate in the program prior to submitting referrals to Punchh.
  • Punchh employees (and those of its parent and affiliates) are not eligible to participate in this program.
  • Punchh may discontinue this program at any time.
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Having the Punchh dashboard at our fingertips helps us dig into the metrics and better understand our customers’ behaviors and preferences. We’re able to innovate and have the flexibility to create really engaging campaigns that drive repeat visits and customer lifetime value.

Jerry Shen, Director of Digital Growth Blaze Pizza