CSP: Artificial Intelligence in the C-Store

Speeding up the time it takes to measure return on investment

I want the offers to be right there on the phone when I’m placing the order. And they can’t do that unless it’s personalized.

Sastry Penumarthy, Co-Founder & VP Strategy, Punchh

CHICAGO — Artificial intelligence (AI) is another important component of modern loyalty, says Sastry Penumarthy, co-founder and vice president of strategy for Punchh, a loyalty firm based in San Mateo, Calif. Humans do not have the time or ability to sift through waves of data to know when and how to communicate and incentivize specific customers, and AI can make that process more seamless, and more personalized.

“AI will basically let me predict the customers that will be of the highest value to me over the next three months, let me look at all the offers and let me find the right offer for each of these customers,” says Penumarthy. He says Punchh is launching an AI-driven program like that with select customers over the next few months.


CSP: Artificial Intelligence in the C-Store