Grow Recurring Revenue with a Subscription Membership for your Customers

By: Melissa Canellis


The subscription model is an emerging and powerful addition to round out the toolbelt for restaurant and C-store operators and marketers. Subscriptions help increase recurring revenue, average check, repeat business, and customer loyalty and engagement.

When you think ‘subscription,’ what comes to mind might be an email newsletter, automatic recurring shipments of your favorite vitamin supplement or coffee, or your favorite music streaming service. But a subscription for tacos at your nearby Taco Bell? A discount on your favorite Sweetgreen salads? You bet. It’s here. And it’s an increasingly popular way to offer value to guests and lift sales for operators. 

Amid challenging economic times, consumers trying to stretch their budget are looking for good deals. And while loyalty rewards are one way to deliver value, a subscription model expands value for guests and provides multiple benefits for operators. 

Benefits of Subscriptions 

The subscription model is an emerging and powerful addition to the guest engagement toolbelt for restaurant operators and marketers, helping increase recurring revenue, average check, repeat business, and customer loyalty. 

Subscriptions offer benefits to customers and merchants alike. Let’s start with benefits for the customer.  

Subscriptions deliver value to restaurant guests and C-store customers, stretching their budget.  

Let’s take a look at two examples. For $10, Taco Bell fans can get a taco a day for 30 consecutive days when they participate in Taco Bell’s Taco Lover’s Pass. That’s quite the deal! If salads are more your thing, that same $10 will get you Sweetgreen’s Sweetpass, and $3 off each $9.95 purchase (or more) per day when ordered from the app or website. Again, that’s some awesome value! 

For the restaurant or c-store operator, subscriptions offer a myriad of advantages. 

A subscription tends to push guests toward digital channels, reducing friction in the transaction. Including the subscription in the brand’s loyalty app, for example, lets customers redeem the offer simply by scanning a QR code on their phone, speeding up the purchase. 

Subscriptions bring a more reliable revenue stream that makes sales and costs much more predictable. Subscriptions also encourage customer retention and cultivate an emotional bond between guests and the brand, boosting customer stickiness, as customers tend to be less likely to cancel a subscription membership they gain value from. 

Here are a few ways that brands are elevating sales and customer experience by offering a subscription: 

  • Drive spend through recurring product offerings that encourage upsell and incentivize customers to frequent your locations on a more regular basis. 
  • Increase frequency through connections made with your customer at every interaction point, by using sequential logic that makes it easy to customize and deliver unlimited personalized campaigns.  
  • Reward loyalty with simple but effective exclusive offers targeted to your most loyal guests and nurture them along their purchasing cycle. 
  • Create differentiation through unique offerings that create powerful, cross-channel experiences for your customers in-app or via mobile, web, email and SMS. 

Punchh Now Offers Subscriptions

Punchh recently launched Subscriptions, enabling restaurants and C-stores of any size to jump in on the subscription revolution and maximize customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction.   

Robust and complete, Punchh Subscription features include:  

  • Mobile apps and online ordering solution integration 
  • Reward and offer management 
  • Secure virtual payment options 
  • Recurring payment tracking 
  • Renewal processing and automated renewal marketing messaging 
  • Customer targeting to encourage signups 
  • Journey campaigns triggered by subscription-related purchases 
  • Custom analytics to track impact and ROI 
  • Flexible campaigns mean completely customizable subscription offerings that drive recurring revenues, incentivize frequency and drive lifetime loyalty for your brand

Punchh Subscriptions

Subscriptions are part of the Punchh platform, a leading loyalty and engagement tool that is machine learning-powered, made for marketers, built for enterprise, and simple to manage. Punchh helps the world’s biggest restaurant, convenience store, and retail brands acquire and retain customers, increase frequency, and maximize spend. 

Thinking about subscriptions for your restaurant or c-store brand? Try a demo to learn more.

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