Support Loyal Fans During Super Bowl 2022

By: Melissa Canellis


The nation’s second largest “food holiday” is right around the corner – Super Bowl 2022. Loyal football and restaurant fans are expected to consume 2,400 calories per person during the game alone. While collectively eating a whopping 30 million pounds of snacks and tasty foods. 

Every year close to 100 million adults tune in to watch the big game. Last year, there also was an estimated $13.9 billion in nationwide Super-Bowl-related spending for the game, with the largest chunk of the expenses coming from food and beverages, at 77%, according to NFR.

And just like last year, there may be challenges again to the usual traditions of how adults customarily watch the game, such as attending a party or hanging out at a bar. However, even though Super Bowl viewings may be different, one thing is not changing: people celebrating with an abundance of food and beverages. 

That’s why restaurant brands with Punchh customer loyalty solutions have seized the opportunity of this beloved food holiday to provide plenty of delicious options to hungry fans. 

Punchh Super Bowl Infographic

Brands Highlight Digital Capabilities During Super Bowl Campaigns

Last Super Bowl, we helped our customers take a data-driven approach to segmentation and the delivery of targeted campaigns that focused on embracing Super Bowl festivities. Over the past couple years, brands have increasingly pivoted to accommodate customers’ expectations for a contactless, convenient, and safe customer experience. Many brands emphasized these capabilities, highlighting online ordering, curbside pickup and delivery in campaigns leading up to last year’s Super Bowl Sunday. And the data shows that fans rewarded them for those efforts.

Some brands highlighted new menu innovations, while others focused on family bundles designed to satisfy a group of individuals. Brands from many food categories enjoyed significant growth over previous years’ sales. As expected, pizza held onto its number one spot to remain the fan favorite. Take a look at some of the top snacks customers purchased during last year’s Super Bowl.

In an effort to engage customers around new operations and products, brands relied on the AI-powered Punchh loyalty, offers, and engagement platform to maximize their omnichannel marketing reach. Restaurant marketers captured customers’ attention through digital channels such as email, push notifications and text, collectively increasing offer redemptions by 45%. That number is expected to continue growing in 2022 as digital loyalty helps brands deliver more data-driven personalized offers that drive frequency and spend. 

So no matter who you root for in the big game, super bowl events give everyone something to celebrate. Ready to achieve greatness for your team? Take a free demo of the Punchh platform and see how your brand can deliver on its loyalty goals for 2022. 

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