Own Your Listing, Drive Your Loyalty Visits

By: Brittany Maroney


Integrate Yext and Punchh to Deliver True Loyalty Insights for Your Campaigns

The practice we know as SEO began back in the 1990s, and with it came the complexities of continuously optimizing pages for search. Businesses worldwide have struggled to keep web pages updated, search functionality streamlined, and listings up-to-date. Food service particularly felt these challenges as their offerings mainly were embedded in online menus, often listed as PDFs, making it challenging to really engage customers during their search. 

The truth is that search functionality is just not optimal for the restaurant space, where Limited-Time Offers, seasonal menus, franchisee options, and regional offerings can change at a lightning-fast pace. Even more challenging is the ability to update location information in an expansive and always changing industry. Critical information like addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours are often spread across multiple third-party sites and take a team to update and edit. What’s more, is the disconnect between who is frequenting these web pages and how brands can take that information and weave it into existing data on visits and spend.

That is until Yext arrived on the scene.

Yext is the leading knowledge management solution for brands; a platform that offers an AI-Search solution for every business need, so you can deliver the right answers, to the right people, at the right time. This is an evolution for the concepts Punchh supports because this integration can help store existing business information in a structured knowledge graph that is easily accessed and dispersed. Using this easy to implement integration, customers can seamlessly sync information from Yext to Punchh, so they only have to update their information, across all locations, in one centralized system. Yext can also sync this information to other tools and systems they may use across the whole ecosystem of their company’s tech stack. 

Brands using Punchh and Yext, can also opt into additional features, like:

  • Answers to deliver a better site-search experience for customers
  • Listings to syndicate all of their information across more than 100+ of the most used search engines & publishers
  • Pages to create local landing pages optimized for conversions at scale.


Most sites search products using a simple keyword-search algorithm, meaning they will look for the words you’ve entered and return blue links that contain those keywords the most number of times. Yext Answers is different – it uses natural language processing to understand a query’s intent and provide the most relevant answers, instead of blue links. Yext uses a proprietary Knowledge Graph to store a company’s information, a structured database that stores facts with flexible, bi-directional relationships. Much in the same way that Google stores their information. The Yext Knowledge Graph is also what powers their other products, like Listings (which pushes a company’s information out to 100+ publishers) and Pages (which allows brands to create schema-optimized landing pages for each of their locations at scale).


Streamlining your company’s data allows you to easily update and make changes within your Punchh platform, ensuring it is consistent with what your customers are actively searching for. This eliminates gaps in the data that you are segmenting your guests by and offers a more efficient way for your marketing team to access and make changes to your company’s information. 
Don’t make the mistake of not automating your search strategy when it comes to your loyalty program. With Yext and Punchh, you can deliver a more connected loyalty experience and operate in a more efficient, time-saving, and labor-reducing way.

To install the Punchh integration off of the Yext App Directory or to learn more about Punchh’s industry-leading integrations with over 190+ partners, contact us today!

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