“Get Inspired” with the PAR & Punchh Women in Technology Series

By: Kshama Swamy


This September 22nd is National Women’s Business Day; aimed to highlight and honor the increasing role that women have to play in the world of business today. It’s a day where we all can come together and recognize the professional hurdles and obstacles women face, while promoting female empowerment and the fulfillment of human rights. 

The sad reality is that upward mobility challenges still face women worldwide, and many feel limited in their options for successful future careers. Over the last two decades, females entering into STEM careers have remained flat, and women hold only 25% of all the jobs in the tech industry, despite making up almost half of the total workforce.

The question of why there are so few women entering the tech industry is widely debated, often being correlated to the challenges that can come as being a minority within a male-dominated industry. Read TrustRadius.com’s latest study on Women in Tech.

We cannot ignore the realities of the world we live in, but we can collectively do something about it. As I look around the organizations of PAR and Punchh, it’s clear that many dynamic, intelligent and engaging women are unafraid of being trailblazers within the technology industry and are changing the course of the conversation, day-in and day-out. Both organizations have a multitude of strong leaders, many of whom happen to be wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters. They hold positions across all levels of the organization(s), scattered across a multitude of departments, and handle a varied workload. They lead our teams, build and implement our products, onboard new team members, sell our vision, guide and support our customers, and even craft the voice of our organization(s). These teammates shine because they bring to the table a wealth of experience, talent, passion and they are incredibly good at what they do. 

That doesn’t mean that these remarkable colleagues don’t face unique challenges and hurdles in their careers and in their lives. That’s why as an organization, it is crucial for us all to continue to champion for diversity and inclusion. To support and celebrate those around us doing the job and propelling our organization forward with their unique insights and outlook on life. Diversity, after all, can only improve collaboration and creates a more dynamic environment that allows everyone to grow. We must continue to learn from each other, ask questions, and to recognize that we all play a part in transforming how our organization(s) can grow and evolve.

With that being said, we here at PAR and Punchh are incredibly thrilled to unveil our newest Women In Tech program, the “Get Inspired Speaker Series,” featuring industry titans across some of the top tech organizations. 

This monthly series will feature a web-based, fireside chat with some of the top c-level women across the technology landscape. In an informal 60-minute presentation, these incredible leaders will share their stories, answer the tough questions on their path to success and provide insight into how to avoid the pitfalls of the industry. 

Through this series, we hope to inspire those looking to grow in their career, to share ideas that galvanize a new generation of leaders, and to support the aspirations of every individual in our collective organization(s), here at Punchh and PAR.

To learn more about the Punchh and PAR diversity initiatives, please visit us at Women In Tech or at PAR Women in Tech. 

About Kshama Swamy

Kshama is a senior technology executive and is currently the Vice President of Professional Services & Support, at Punchh. She is a vocal advocate for women in the workplace and is passionate about mentoring women of all ages, with a focus on getting more women and girls interested in STEM careers.

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