Punchh and Yelp Team up to Deliver Real-Time, On-site Insights of the Guest Dining Experience

By: Brittany Maroney


One of the most prominent challenges Marketers face is the bandwidth to truly take data from all of their touchpoints and seamlessly integrate them into experiential marketing campaigns. Consumer entry points are now spread across an ever-increasing amount of channels, from front-of-the-house tools to back-of-the-house software. As a result, waitlists, online apps, and loyalty programs often become siloed, preventing brands from truly leveraging their consumer data and impeding their ability to build genuine consumer insights. To craft a truly comprehensive guest loyalty strategy, brands must understand the guest experience, from the moment of entry to when payment and loyalty offers are redeemed. 

Brands can now overcome those challenges with the seamless integration of two of their premium partners, the Punchh Loyalty, Offers and Engagement platform and Yelp’s Guest Manager. Optimize the full power of your Waitlist by delivering true connectivity with your digital loyalty program in order to decipher key data insights that can create more personalized in-house experiences and promotions.

Identify first-time customers the moment they are added to the Waitlist or reward your loyalists for repeat visits throughout their dining experience. You’ll be able to learn more about your customers and reward their loyalty with personalized promotions utilizing a dynamic online system that keeps track of customers visits, allows for targeted messaging, and delivers deeper customer engagement.


The Yelp and Punchh integration support the marketer’s goal of connecting the dots between their loyalty program and their front-of-the-house waitlist tool. By doing so, brands can gain more unique insights from the on-site dining experience that can’t be found anywhere else within the restaurant’s footprint. Identify specific traits such as group size, wait times, number of visits, and restaurant location, all while gaining a deeper understanding of your guest experience. Segment and tier your guest by frequency, spend, and lifetime value while lowering acquisition costs and raising retention. 


Empower your front-of-the-house staff with unique guest insights, engagement opportunities, and personalized promotions that drive loyalty and improve the dining experience. Leverage the live data of the Yelp Guest Manager to understand the customer experience in real-time, opening up opportunities for engagement. Identify new and existing customers and provide clear insights into your loyalists to create more targeted and specialized loyalty campaigns on Punchh. Once a loyalist is identified, hosts and FOH teams are triggered to provide a more personalized experience to guests in-house, including exclusive offers, premium seating, and VIP hospitality.


Brands can combine the power of their guest directory with their Punchh loyalty program to reward guests with more personalized promotions and keep loyal customers coming back. Retain more first-time customers and drive higher engagement within your loyalty program by offering on-site, opt-in communications in real-time, while they are dining in-house. You’ll be able to learn more about your guests and celebrate their loyalty with unique promotions, customized to their preferences. The integrated online solution keeps track of customers visits, allowing for targeted messaging and deeper customer engagement. 

Your business only gets one chance at making a good first impression. Don’t miss your opportunity to engage, interact and reward your frequent diners based on key insights delivered by your partners at Yelp and Punchh.

If you would like to learn more about integrating your Punchh Loyalty and Engagement platform with Yelp’s Guest Manager, contact us today, or you can learn more here.


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