Discover How A Comprehensive Customer Loyalty Solution Can Unleash Your Marketing Superpowers

By: Melissa Canellis


The first quarter of 2021 brought positive results for many restaurants as they worked to deliver on their customers’ new expectations for convenience, value and ease of doing business. For many marketers their workload has increased exponentially, trying to find ways to optimize their efforts and strengthen customer relationships while making them invincible to churn.  

In today’s fast-paced environment, keeping up with guests’ changing behaviors takes a heroic feat and requires a commitment to embracing evolving digital marketing technologies and trends. 

Initially during the pandemic, customers sought online ordering, curbside pick-up, delivery and dispatch. As they return to their busy lives, time-strapped, tech-savvy customers will remain interested in these operational features and many more that make their lives a little easier. Restaurants need the capability to implement and capitalize on these investments through the integration of all these systems into their tech stack.   

A comprehensive customer loyalty solution provides the help brands need to activate their marketing superpowers and meet consumers on the new channels where and how they shop and purchase food. The level of sophistication for B2C digital marketing and communications has been raised. It’s not enough to send a mass email or text message any more — brands must demonstrate knowledge of their customers to provide offers and information that add value to their lives. 

It clearly takes technology and teamwork to deliver meaningful loyalty experiences that drive customer engagement and higher lifetime value. Punchh recently put together resources to help marketers understand the skills and tools needed to exceed customer expectations in 2021. 

Check out our infographic that highlights the 5 Marketing Superpowers that Create Loyal Superfans. Understand how agility, x-ray vision, flexibility, telepathy and a trusty sidekick can give you the ability to truly understand your customers to develop meaningful 1:1 connections that drive participation and sales. 

Also available for download is our ebook – Unleash Your Marketing Superpowers: To Drive Profitable Customer Loyalty to learn how an AI-powered loyalty solution can unlock your marketing superpowers and improve the lives of your targeted customers. Find out what it takes to be positioned for omnichannel success. 

  • Discover how companies like Blaze Pizza and Denny’s use AI-powered, omnichannel offers to boost customer retention.
  • Learn how to increase customer lifetime value by delivering personalized offers that members are 8X more likely to go out of their way to use.
  • Create the type of customer-centric experiences that build trust with members whether they connect with you in-store or through digital channels. 

Restaurant marketing continues to grow in complexity as the challenges of meeting a diverse customer base requires a range of tech, tools and know-how. The Punchh Loyalty, Engagement and Offers Platform is designed to provide marketers with everything they need to successfully grow lasting customer loyalty. Visit our platform page for more details. 

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