Modern Loyalty Solutions Need to Show Value Beyond Transcations and Create Real ROI

By: Punchh


As brands move into 2020, delivering a modern loyalty program will require agile, cloud-based technologies that innovate the customer experience online and in the physical store. Customers’ expectations and behaviors continue to change as they seek greater ease and convenience from the brands they choose to do business with. Meeting their needs is challenging and will keep businesses on their toes in the new year.

Modern Loyalty means marketers clearly need the ability to provide omnichannel communications that maximize mobile engagement across channels to deliver personalized offers and messages while customers are both in-store and online. This also initially requires having a unified brand voice that is relevant through a business’ website, mobile app, payment systems, gift cards and loyalty initiatives.

Brands delivering omncichannel marketing strategies are then able to seamlessly integrate the customer shopping or dining experience from the first touchpoint to the last. This is valuable as it helps put everything the customer needs at their fingertips. While accessibility is important it is more that the communication be in real-time, as waiting is no longer acceptable.

Customers’ satisfaction with a brand’s loyalty program in 2020 also includes their desire for businesses to know them and reward them quickly and appropriately. Personalization needs to move beyond happy birthday messages and toward highly individualized offers that are identified and made actionable through the layering of data. Delivering upon individual preferences will accelerate a customer’s path to more visits, greater CLV and stronger loyalty. 

Marketers will need a cloud-based platform to do all this heavy lifting. Loyalty programs running on outdated legacy systems that lack system integrations will not succeed in providing the necessary data needed for brands to personalize their initiatives. A single, scalable platform will also give businesses the tools to automate their marketing campaigns and deliver them over their customers’ preferred channels in real-time.

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