Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants Around the Holidays, like Cinco de Mayo, Can Create Tremendous ROI with the Right Strategy & Technology

By: Punchh


Cinco de Mayo is a national celebration that has become an important marketing opportunity for many brands. This year, restaurants understood the value of seizing this holiday as a way to encourage an additional purchase in April that could pick up declining sales and positively impact end-of-the-year metrics.

Results indicate brands succeeded in increasing sales on Cinco de Mayo compared to last year’s holiday. Additionally, brands were rewarded for their efforts to provide meaningful incentives to their members, as loyalty transactions increased 16.4% compared to last year.

Punchh Cinco de Mayo 2020 Total Transactions and Loyalty Transactions

Punchh platform delivers omnichannel personalization at scale
Punchh helped our clients take a data-driven approach to customer segmentation with the delivery of targeted campaigns focused on embracing Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Many brands used the holiday as a way to emphasize their strategy adjustments they’ve made due to the pandemic. Some highlighted their on-demand services, while others focused on at-home meal kits. Looking to engage consumers around their new approaches, brands relied on our platform and powerful engine to maximize their omnichannel marketing reach.

They delivered the right offers, at the right time, over the right channels to connect with all their at-home customers. Check out these recent Cinco de Mayo campaign numbers:

  • Approximately 43 million guests were targeted on this day
  • 70% of the campaigns were processed under 10 minutes
  • 1,433 customized campaigns were created and delivered via 27 million emails and 9 million push notifications

With Punchh, Cinco de Mayo provided a much needed uptick in sales for our clients. Through our platform and managed services we helped brands engage customers with fun and festive offers that resonated with the current situation and helped alleviate a little stress at least for one day. We’re happy to share more Punchh Insights here.

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