Unlock your Potential as a Top-Notch Restaurant Loyalty Marketer

By: Lindsay Jow


Restaurant loyalty marketing is at the intersection of many disciplines, and it is constantly evolving as a practice. To become or maintain stature as a top-notch loyalty marketer takes investment in your knowledge across the disciplines.   

Making growth an intentional focus as part of your professional life will help you create rewarding experiences for the guests of your loyalty program and increase customer satisfaction as well as deliver on the ultimate purpose of a loyalty program – ROI on the program itself.  

At PAR Punchh, we make it a priority to stay on top of what is happening in the industry, and to anticipate what will come next. So… how do you keep up with everything? Below are some of our favorite ways to stay up to date and in the know. 

Industry News

Carve out time weekly to read through the industry trades news from PAR Punchh. See what noteworthy things others are doing with their loyalty programs, product strategy, LTOs, and general marketing approach. This is important for competitive intel and to fuel creative ideas for your own initiatives. 


Follow your favorite writers from industry pubs, speakers from industry conferences, and your fellow loyalty marketing thought leaders from other brands. This will give you early access to insights as they are developing, since posts on Linkedin often occur before official publication.  

Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe 

Experience what it’s like to be a customer of other loyalty programs. Join the programs of your competitors and those you consider top programs in the industry. If you worry about a cluttered inbox, set up a special email account expressly for this purpose and check it weekly. Also consider subscribing to loyalty programs and other marketing content from brands outside of your industry for added inspiration.  

Listen on the go

Podcasts are also a great way to stay up to date and get more in depth information on the way the best in the industry are approaching and thinking about their loyalty programs. Many podcasts are a slightly longer format than your typical article or video content. And best of all, you can listen to them while out and about, taking a walk, or while getting other work done for the day. 

Customer Marketing Insights 

Just like loyalty programs are in a constant state of change, so are our customers. Customer insights can come from many sources, including things like industry white papers, and case studies. These insights also come from your own data. Understanding which rewards and ordering channels are most popular. Conducting surveys and gathering feedback from your loyalty program members to understand what matters most to them. 

PAR Punchh customers also receive regular insights and data through the Punchh Platform and their Quarterly Business Review which covers program performance and trends, as well as benchmarking data. 

Connect with the Industry 

Whether it’s conferences, joining professional associations or participating in networking opportunities, it’s helpful to connect directly with your fellow loyalty and marketing professionals. This is where you can discuss what you’re seeing early on in trends and data as things are happening and get inspiration for new ideas.  

Internet Trends

While marketers and designers used to drive trends, social media and TikTok have flipped the script. Some of the best marketing campaigns we’ve seen have been brands responding to the zeitgeist of the internet and making it their own. This is a great way to get additional publicity and engagement for your loyalty program if you can capitalize on these trends quickly by staying up to date on them.  

Learning the Tools of the Trade 

The most effective marketers are not only brimming with ideas and up to date on the latest and greatest. They also know their tools inside and out. Rather than wondering if something can be executed using their existing set of tools, they already know what’s possible. One could even argue that knowing your tools increases your ability to be creative with them – not only to know how to use any single tool well, but how to maximize their usage together.  

PAR Punchh customers know we’ve got them covered in this department, with Punchh University being available to all customers to learn the tool, as well as get ideas and strategies from our Loyalty Marketing Certification and past webinar recordings as well. 

Broaden your Approach 

Sources of knowledge and inspiration for loyalty marketing can come from all over. Learning about human psychology, anthropology, street culture, the art scene, data and analytics. Don’t limit your learning to the obvious, as that just might limit you! 

To ensure you’re consistently at the forefront of loyalty marketing, it’s crucial to remain vigilant in your pursuit of industry trends and learning opportunities. As loyalty marketers, we understand the importance of staying informed and adaptable in a landscape that’s constantly evolving. And remember! The pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds – embrace diverse sources of inspiration and let your curiosity guide you towards innovation. 

Explore how Punchh provides the platform and expertise to help loyalty marketers create successful programs that deliver ROI. Request a Demo. 

  • Lindsay Jow

    Lindsay Jow, affectionately known as Professor Punchh, leads education and enablement initiatives at PAR Punchh. She helps marketers grow their loyalty programs and their marketing prowess through Punchh University, exclusive customer webinars, and more. Lindsay joined the PAR Punchh community in 2018 and has over a decade of experience in advertising and performance marketing, with a degree in advertising from UT Austin. She is based in Austin, TX and also loves to paint, travel, and make fancy popcorn.

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