Attentive and PAR Punchh Integration Unlocks New High Value Channel

By: Melissa Canellis


Today, PAR Punchh announced its partnership with Attentive, a proven leader in SMS marketing. We are excited to provide this valuable integration that will expand Punchh’s capabilities to help restaurants in multiple ways, including turning anonymous guests into loyalty members, growing loyalty engagement and sending engaging visuals and content with personalized offers to spark action — all through SMS. 

Gone are the days when simply having an eClub is enough to engage your guests, generate retention and drive sales. Customers’ needs and preferences have evolved along with their desire to interact with brands on their favorite devices. Quite simply, your customers are mobile super-users. They know the value of their loyalty and are searching for brands to stand out when it comes to attracting them to a dining experience.  

Specifically, this tech-savvy customer base desires flexibility in how they engage. The Punchh and Attentive integration offers restaurants the ability to reach this customer base with enhanced tools for customer acquisition and communication. Currently, 93% of U.S. customers express interest in or opt-in to texts from a brand. This partnership gives Punchh customers the opportunity to:  

  • Grow loyalty membership by incentivizing SMS opt-ins. 
  • Send targeted campaigns to drive app downloads and loyalty sign-ups. 
  • Leverage advanced SMS functionality like MMS, video, GIFs and A/B testing. 
  • Streamline SMS compliance with Attentive’s expertise. 

This integration comes at a time when customers are seeking deeper relationships with their favorite brands. SMS provides a high-value channel, boasting a 98% open rate compared to email, which is less than 20%. Restaurants using Punchh can now engage with loyalty and non-loyalty members to encourage new sign-ups and actions. 

Growing Customer Loyalty Through SMS Marketing 

With Attentive’s AI SMS marketing platform, restaurant marketers will be able to leverage the full capability of their existing Punchh loyalty program to deliver personalized messages on the go. Not only will your brand be able to activate across a whole new medium of communication, but you’ll also have a more integrated customer experience, capturing your guests wherever they are in the consumer lifecycle. Best of all, the Punchh and Attentive loyalty integration provides more flexibility in terms of messaging and offer engagement, including: 

  • Triggered Messages- unlock new revenue with behavior-based messaging 
  • Transactional Messages- send timely order updates to keep customers informed 
  • Campaign Messages- drive increase CTRs by engaging segmented customer groups 
  • Customer Service- integrated CX apps to drive repeat purchases and loyalty 

Increasing Cross-Channel Guest Communication  

Once customers are engaged with the brand through their mobile devices, restaurants can use mobile messaging to drive app downloads leading to further interactions with the brand. Using mobile wallets and text messaging to engage guests increases the likelihood of conversion that lead to the potential for more advanced outreach, such as adoption of ordering ahead or location-based, targeted promotions. Additionally, SMS provides a more personalized and often customizable touch over outdated communication vehicles like eClubs, resulting in higher brand loyalty and customer retention rates. We’ve compiled a more in-depth look at SMS best practices  to help you optimize your program.  

Brands large and small are growing their sales and loyalty fan base using Punchh and Attentive. Now is the time to capitalize on your existing loyalty following and offer the personalized and customizable SMS services that your customers crave. Satisfied customers are thrilled with how the Attentive and Punchh integration has allowed them to grow and drive more engagement within their loyalty program.

Blaze Pizza     

Blaze Pizza uses Attentive and Punchh to drive opt-ins for their rewards program and to reward their loyal mobile diners. The targeted approach helps the brand kickoff various types of promotions and LTOs, capitalizing on the immediacy of the channel to foster a sense of urgency and to drive participation.

Jason’s Deli 

Serving up fresh mobile offers, Jason’s Deli uses SMS messaging to directly connect with diners— creating a top-performing revenue channel that drives acquisition, spend lift and retention. 

“Thanks to the seamless integration between Attentive and Punchh, our business has experienced a significant uplift in SMS subscriber growth and customer engagement. With targeted messaging and personalized rewards, we’ve seen a tangible increase in repeat visits and higher average spend per customer. This partnership has truly elevated our marketing efforts, allowing us to connect with our audience on a deeper level and drive sustainable growth.” Kim Collura, VP of Marketing, Jason’s Deli 

To learn more about the Punchh & Attentive integrated partnership, contact your Punchh CSM, or you can request a personalized demo for more reasons why brands of all sizes trust the Punchh Platform. 

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